Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Fallacy Perpetutated By AMOs?

There has been much debate by both critics and Amway IBOs and supporters recently over an issue regarding a WWDB Dream Night function. The issue was an honest question over the cost of a Dream Night Ticket. Well, needless to say, the IBO in question ended up deciding that his blog will no longer accept comments. And while that is certainly his right, he made a statement that IBOs may be told, but makes no sense. Here is the statement:

"Here is a tip when doing research, if you have a question about a company why not give the actual company a call? Wow what a concept."

While on the surface, that me seem logical. If you have a question about how a company works, that might make perfect sense. But the Amway opportunity, along with the attached motivational tools companies, make that a touchy situation. What are you supposed to do? Call WWDB and ask if they are a good company? Call WWDB and ask if they scam downline? What if you call and ask WWDB if most IBOs on their system make money or lose money? If you look at the average income of the majority of IBOs amd factor in expenses such as voicemail, satnding orders and functions, I can only conclude that the vast majority of IBOs on the system have to be losing money. The longer you stay in the system, the more you lose. Furthermore, I believe there are more people winning the powerball lottery in the US than the number of new WWDB diamonds emerging in the US in the last dozen years ago or so.

Imagine if you had questions and simply asked the person? Hello? Mr. Al Capone, I heard you were a gangster in charge of organized crime. But I thought it would only be fair if I got the answer directly from you. What's that? You're not a gangster and you go to church? Okay, I see. Well that clears that up. Mr. Capone is not a gangster, I confirmed that by asking him. Do you see the ridiculous justification of just asking the person in question? Isn't a better way to ask a neutral thrid party?

Many IBOs will also suggest that you check the better business bureau. Well, Amway has a good mark from the better business bureau. But Amway isn't selling you voicemail and other support materials right? That would be WWDB or some other motivational group, or a particular double or triple diamond, whose business may not have been registered or known to the better business bureau.

I believe IBOs, information seekers, and prospects can find a ton of information on the internet using google. Upline leaders disourage this because too much frank and disparaging information exists about the Amway opportunity. But much of that information is real life true experiences. I was an up and coming "mover and shaker" in WWDB. This blog relects much of my real experiences and the realizations I came to after having left Amway and WWDB. Sadly, my experience was not a good one, but more and more I see evidence that what I was taught a dozen years ago is still taught today, and by some of the same leaders. I hope my experience can help others.


colin said...

I called amway to complain about some false sales job ads a platinum and his group where putting up in the local paper. I talked to a few people at the corp and they told me to talk with my diamond or the iboia. Of course when i talked with the iboia & diamond about this nothing happen. They continue with the bogus job ads & recruiting techniques.

Joecool said...

Colin, can you provide any specifics? I might be able to help.

Anonymous said...

colin, you should be thankful for the ads. The ads are about entrepreneurial oriented sales and not job (hourly wage) oriented sales. If I were to not like the entrepreneurial side of things but go for being job-minded AND have enough courteous manners, I would just pass the offer and say 'no, thanks'. I would not act like an offended person such as you and complain to Amway about why it's unfair to see that type of ad in the local paper because my problem is that I'm job-minded and I like to live on hourly wage without caring past today but when tomorrow comes, I will find a reason to blame someone else except me as to why my income stopped.
As for you Joecool, you got it wrong because you are as usually, misinformed. For your information, Al Capone was a devout church goer at St. Therese Church on Alexander Street in Chicago. During the Great Depression of 1930's, Al Capone opened up in 1931 the first soup kitchen in Chicago to feed the poor and the needy and he paid for those expenses out of his own pockets. He also opened up housing for the homeless again, paying from his own pockets. He did not charge the poor one penny to use his services. In one incident where there was a gun fight between Al Capone and a rival gang, an innocent woman was shot and sent to hospital. Al Capone willingly volunteered to pay all her hospital bills from his own pockets. Al Capone had extravagant generosity to strangers and often lending a hand to struggling Italian-Americans and others in need. Despite his apparent savage nature, Al Capone was a pretty fair individual. He was not the brute that the media likes to portray his as. But of course, for people like you who can't use their own brain, you accept whatever the media feeds you and that's visible in a blog where you write all sorts of junk about Amaway as true facts. So rest assured, you'll never have as much balls as Al Capone did, not even in your wildest dreams Joecool.

Joecool said...

Al Capone was also a gangster.

rocket said...

Hey Anon

Al Capone bought the community.

That woman? Yeah, she wouldn't have gotten shot if Capone hadn't been a frocking criminal to begin with.

Al Capone provided for the poor so they would watch his back. They would tell him when police were around, they would tell him when investigations into his criminal enterprise were going on.

As far as using your own brain? Yeah, as a dude who listens and counsels with upline, you should really hush.

When you consider the millions Capone was making through criminality, buying a soup kitchen & handing out food in exchange for loyalty from the disenfranchised was a pittance.

And all that money used to do all the great things you talk about? All made from breaking the law, decption, and victimizing hard working people.

And you admire that?

Looks like with Amway you've found your niche in life!

Anonymous said...

Do not blindly trust the BBB approval seal any more! Just watched it on TV about two weeks ago: BBB is run like any businesses and its chief is paid hundreds of thousands a year and its sales people call and pressure companies to be paid members of the BBB. If they don't, they won't get the BBB seal of approval; if they pay their memberships, they get the seal right away! Check it out for yourself. It's either ABC's 20/20 or CBS 60 minutes, but I forgot which one at this very moment.

Anonymous said...

Great post, rocket! Amway sounds like the Al Capone business model, doesn't it? Paying off politicians in the US, China and other countries? That's why this guy admires Al Capone!