Monday, November 22, 2010

Opposing Views Are Welcome

One thing that many IBOs and Amway supporters seem to shy away from is opposing views. Recently, a WWDB IBO who runs his own blog decided to disallow any comments on his blog. And that certainly is his right as a blog owner, but it seems to be common among Amway defenders. Amway's biggest defender and self proclaimed Amway spokesperson IBOFightback is like this also. While he might say he welcomes opposing views, his actions suggest otherwise. He banned Joecool (without warning) from posting on his website simply because I pointed out that Amway's disclosure of the average IBO income did not include IBOs that are considered to be inactive.

But on this blog, I allow any comments, even if they are contrary to my opinion. Amway supporters and critics alike are welcome to have healthy debates over what I see as issues with the Amway business. I believe that open debate can sometimes result in solutions, and can also allow some self discovery for IBOs and critics alike. For those who only allow comments in line with your own opinions, is well, like living in some sheltered community and those who do so often have trouble coping with the real world.

Another valuable benefit is for iformation seekers. Since Amway appears to have very limited information about being an IBO and IBO experiences, this blog can be valuable for many and over the years, I have received positive comments confirming that. Over the years, my former (and other groups) uplines told many lies and deceived downline about tools, tool profits and other things. This went unchallenged until the internet exposed many of these lies. Sadly, many IBOs simply deny or refuse to believe the obvious. That their upline leaders may have taken advantage of them. I also believe that many IBOs to thise day are taken advantage of by their upline, but refuse to deal with it.

It looks like however, that Amway is declining in the US and Canada. And I believe that free flowing information is a big part of that. Uplines have difficulty in covering up recruitment tactics that might be less than honest. Blogs and forums have also played a part in providing sunshine in important areas. It is why Joecool has not walked away from blogging yet. I believe Amway has made some progress in addressing some of these issues, especially with their newest Amway Answers blog, but until the lying uplines are confined, Joecool's blog and opposing views will continue to exist.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping up the fight against one of the biggest fraud of the 20th century! As you pointed out, Amway seems to be declining. That means information such as yours has worked for many would-be Amwayers. Unforunately, they bought off the politicians in China and made it a legal business there, where MLM is illegal. Maybe I should help blog that on some Chinese web sites when I have time!

Thank you again.