Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Can't IBOs Just GIve A Straight Answer?

There's been a big debate between Amway critics and an Amway and a WWDB blogger. The debate began when someone asked how much a ticket to the WWDB Dream Night Function costed. Rather than a simple answer of $75 a ticket, or whatever the cost was, the person asking the question was referred to the WWDB website where you apparently needed a password to login and purchase tickets, etc. But a valid question is why do so many IBOs have to give vague answers rather than answering the question. Many IBOs are deceptive about what they do in the first place which often prompts the question: Is this Amway?

Of course the IBO could have simply stated that he did not wish to disclose the information but instead gives a roundabout non answer. I mean if the Dream Night was so great, inspiring and helpful, why would it be limited only to IBOs? What would be wrong with someone finding out about it and attending? Does the upline have something to hide? Is there some sacred trade secret given out at Dream Night? If there was some magic secret given out, it certainly doesn't help many IBOs. In the US and Canada, I don't know of more than a pitiful few new diamonds that have emerged in the last ten years, despite the millions of IBOs who signed up to try.

Why do IBOs have to talk about having an ecommerce business or some business projects? Why this insistence on a curiosity approach? Many people, when it comes to money related matters, prefer a direct and honest approach. If you avoid mentioning Amway until the presentation is given, most people will be ticked off, not interested. Are IBOs ashamed of being associated with Amway? That appears to be the case. If Amway were as great as advertised, people would line up to sign up but instead, many people must be tricked into attending meetings or recruitment pitches. It makes IBOs look pathetic and it is probably why Amway has built a shoddy reputation over the years in North America. It is also most likely why Amway sees growth outside of North America, because the reputation hasn't been damaged yet.

Next time there's a discussion on Amway or WWDB, are you giving your prospect a straight answer or a sneaky one? Do upline leaders teach deception or straight up honesty? In my tenure with WWDB, we were taught to be deceptive. I have reason to believe that nothing has changed and I posted it a few days ago. So IBOs and recruits, are you upfront or sneaky? Now you know why it's so hard to get new people involved.


colin said...

With other big mlm companies like Avon,mary kay,herbalife the distributors dont go through a set of lies trying to hide the name of their company. Wonder if amways reputation is so much worst than the three i listed? Maybe they wouldnt have to lie about their amway name ...if they where more upfront with people.

rocket said...

Personally? I think it's because a straight answer, in this case the cost of a ticket to "Dream Night" (!) would make most people think WTF?

Yet apparently, that's building with integrity. I don't agree that skating around answers demonstrates integrity, but hey! Who the hell am I?

Oh, right. Negative and going nowhere.

But people talking that way about non IBO's is so 1990's and in the past.......

Joecool said...

The straight answer would probably turn people off so they make us BS. Remember the "amway is not quixtar" slogan they invented?