Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Are They?

One of the things many IBOs hope for is the dream of receiving income from having built a big Amway business, and then "walking away" from the business and retiring young while enjoying a life of luxury. To "prove" that this is possible, some diamonds may shows off pictures of cars, mansions, and other luxuries, all allegedly attained by having built a big Amway business. And sadly, many young people get trapped into believing that they can all achieve this a with 2+5 years of work. It's basically a myth.

But where are these mysterious people who built sizable Amway businesses and simply "walked away" while the money kept rolling in? There are several issues to think about for people who believe that people "walked away" from an Amway business and continue to collect a significant income.

First of all, if someone truly could walk away and live in luxury, why are there countless stories of diamonds, double diamonds and some higher, who quit or resigned from Amway? Why did they not exercise the option of walking away? For certain Amway bonuses, there is a "side volume" requirement. How do "retired" IBOs continue to meet this requirement? None of their downline ever quits despite the fact that an overwhelming number of IBOs quit each year. Who helps these downline while their upline is walking the beaches of the world and how can anyone maintain a certain volume after walking away? Most IBOs find their business fall apart immediately after they stop adding downline. Also, how do you meet the minimum sales/customer PV if you are sitting on the beaches drinking Mai Tais?

I believe the answer is simple. There aren't people walking the beaches of the world while Amway cash rolls in by the truckload. Sure, some people might still be earning some income by having repeat customers or having some downline who remain active when you leave the business, but I seriously doubt that there are people jetsetting and traveling to the beaches of the world with no financial worries simply by working 2-5 years as often suggested in recruitment or open meetings. If these people exist, why can't anyone name even a single one of them? Why do crown ambassadors keep working busy schedules? Why are diamonds always scrambling from function to function if they could truly walk away and enjoy life with income pouring in from Amway? Why are there stories of diamonds having homes foreclosed and a prominent triple diamond involved in bankruptcy proceedings a few years back?

I think the answer is quite obvious. It's because someone walking away from an Amway business while income pours in is like chasing the end of a rainbow. You can see it but you can never grab it. If not, where are all of these mysterious people?


Anonymous said...

I heard over and over again how I could achieve financial freedom lose the J.O.B. and live off the residual income, walking the beaches of the world. We heard it on tapes, at functions and repeated it like good little Ambots when we showed the plan. I was programmed and actually believed it even though it really made little sense if I thought about how the business is built and maintained because regardless of the size of the business, it would fall apart very quickly if left unattended. It really is too bad that people grasp on to this fantasy and become completely out of touch with reality.
Amway Diamonds are not forever

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Joecool said...

With all the claims and promotions of financial freedom and cash rolling in years after someone stops building the business are probably untrue. It is why some diamonds have quit and why I don't know of any who "walked away" to stroll the beaches of the world.