Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Once A Diamond, Always A Diamond?

I've seen some interesting discussion recently about how a diamond pin is like winning a gold medal. That you don't get it taken away from you later even if you don't qualify anymore. The discussion also flowed as to where they mentioned that former US President Jimmy Carter is still addressed as Mr. President. Or that someone with a superbowl ring can be addressed as a superbowl champion. While I agree with that to some degree, I think the issue of diamond or former diamond is significant and different from former President Carter or a former Superbowl Champion. Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana don't parade around as if they just won the superbowl last year.

The diamond pin is a significant achievement for sure. Seems that recently, it's even harder to achieve in North America. I don't know of more than a few new diamonds emerging in the last ten years or so in the US. But if say a diamond qualified in 1988 and never qualified again, how would you as an IBO feel about paying to see this diamond speak function after function and how many would continue to buy standing orders from a guy who may have achieved diamond 20 years ago and never again? Would the audiences be "fired up" to see these speakers? I find this ironic also, because many Amway defenders like to criticize Amway critics for having an outdated experience. Well, conversely, a one time diamond would be basically the same thing. If not then Joecool should command the respect of a 4000 PV Eagle since that was my highest level.

I actually have no issue with Amway allowing the achiever to carry their highest pin as a recognized achievement, but I do believe that those who use their former pin status to exploit and profit from new IBOs and prospects should be stopped. I know I would not have been so excited attending a function where the keynote speaker went diamond for 6 months a decade ago and was no longer qualified. Else, by upline's definition, he will teach me to go diamond and fall apart? I believe there are fewer North American diamonds now than ten years ago. Some diamonds resigned and some outright quit. So much for residual/passive income. Obviously if these things existed, then nobody would quit or walk away from residual income.

BTW, a recent article on an Amway Corporate website says this about passive income:
"Passive income is a term we do not permit distributors to use and it’s not a term the Corporation uses. In our business, there is no such thing as doing no work, and expecting money to still come in.” Link:

Still think there's a free ride at the end of the tunnel?


Anonymous said...

Very well written Joecool. I am sure I have heard the word "residual income" used on just about every tape and spoken by every Diamond on stage. They made it clear to everyone that once we worked hard and duplicated exactly what they have done to be become Diamond us and our families would be able to live off the "residual income". They even made ridiculousness claims that the "business" could be passed on to our children. What a crock of crap. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than becoming diamond (only approximately 10 new Diamonds in 10 years in North America)and approximately 1,136 people win $1 million or more playing North American lotteries every year.One can only hope that blogs like this can continue to provide real information based on people's real experience in the business not based on some fantasy that an over paid speaker/diamond wants you to believe.

****Former WWDB Lemming****

colin said...

The wwdb site doesnt list that many diamonds. I wonder if my ex diamond Rod Jao still speak at functions as a diamond? Been over 10 yrs since he's qualified as a diamond. Very interesting blog by the way.

colin said...

I heard ex presidents,NFL players,NHL players,and nba players get six figure pensions when they retire (if they played so many games or yrs. We all know diamonds income can shrink to nothing within a very short time.

Joecool said...

I believe that WWDB has fewer diamonds now than when I was an IBO. If there was explosive growth and great excitement, shouldn't there be more diamonds?

colin said...

I think they prefer having fewer diamonds so the pie is divided to fewer people and people get a bigger cut. Everytime Brad Duncan or Puryear goes up a pin level ....they probabably have someone quit amway or raided someones downline.

Joecool said...

Colin, you are right. While they may say they have your best interest at heart and want your success, I believe the reality is opposite.

While they may want you to succeed, I think it is conditional. They want your success up to a certain point, such as platinum, so you bring many downline into the group. But if you go diamond, suddenly you cut into the tool profits.

Yes, you get some kickbacks at platinum but my understanding is that tool kickbacks at platinum are minimal, with only some discounts for standing orders. I don't believe platinums share in any other support material profits.