Friday, January 30, 2015

Being "Amway" Positive?

Recently, there's been some debate between critics and Amway supporters over an issue regarding a WWDB function called 'Dream Night". A WWDB IBO reported that the function was sold out but would not disclose the amount of a Dream Night ticket. He later posted an article saying that he was sorry for being "negative". Now as a former IBO from WWDB, I was taught to be only positive, That we have too much negative in our lives and that we need the positive. But there's a difference between being positive and being "Amway" positive. For example, if you got sick and caught a "cold", they would say they caught a "warm"

Now I agree that having only "negatives" in our lives would be detrimental. That eventually, we would be worn down by only negative. But conversely, the teaching of having only positive in your life can be equally damaging. I recall an old Twilight Zone episode where a guy allegedly dies and he thinks he went to heaven as a man in white came to him and offered to grant him what he wanted. He asked for girls and to be a winner in gambling. Well, the man could never lose a single bet. He won every single time and he had girls all over him. He found it to be no challenge and found life so mundane and predictable that he asked the man in white if he could lose once in a while or be challenged. The man in white basically said "no" and the man (I believe his name was Rocky) Rocky, said how come heaven was so lame (not verbatim). The man in white proceeded to tell him "what makes you think you're in heaven" and laughed incessantly while the Twilight Zone music ended the show.

Now being positive and having a good attitude is a good idea and probably good for your business, but having only positive and shutting out all negatives is a ridiculous thing and it seems as if WWDB leaders are still teaching it. What happens if your business gets audited? You tell the IRS man you can't speak to him if it's not "positive news"? What if you go to the doctor? You tell him don't let you know what's going on unless it's positive news? If there's a natural disaster in your town, you turn off the news because it's not "positive"? What if your body could not feel pain? Would that be positive for you? It might but the reality is that not feeling pain or having zero stress is likely to be detrimental to your health. It's a fact that people need some degree of stress in their lives. Too much or too little can actually cause you problems.

In my informed and experienced opinion, I believe that some Amway and WWDB leaders teach you to shut out negative in your life is because lots and lots and lots of people have negative experiences and things to say about Amway and WWDB. If you doubt me, ask about Greg Duncan, Dave Shores, Brad Wolgamott, Dean Kosage and some others. Ask your sponsor or your upline what happened to these folks. If they tell you nothing or that it's negative, I challenge you to google search and find out for yourself. If your upline still denies it or says you should shut out negative, maybe you should find out what they are hiding by shutting out all negative in their lives?

Having only positive in your life is probably "weird". Is that what you want to be?


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did the David shores,Duncan's,kosage,and some others. Start having problems when their Amway/system income started shrinking? Things seemed okay before all this internet info became public.

Joecool said...

I think you're right, The internet may have been the start of the downfall of some of these WWDB leaders. They used to lie about not making money off functions and tools. They could cover up and re-write history without anyone knowing but with the internet, they cannot hide anymore. We also found out about Greg Duncan's bankruptcy, Shores home foreclosure and Kosage and Wolgamott's divorce and departure from WWDB.

It exposed their hypocrisy and without the internet, we might know nothing about these significant events.

Anonymous said...

The problems especially happens with the diamond divorces. In the past they stay together for the tool money and holding the group together. Now couples just say screw this shit. Not enough money to make it worth staying together.

Joecool said...

The notable ones in WWDB were Wolgamott and Kosage. Funny, I recall a function where Brad Wolgamott talked about Amway saving marriages. I heard he started his own "system" but I forget what it was called I suspect that some of these diamonds are not nearly as wealthy as they claim so you're right, maybe they just move on and do something else.

quixtarisacult said...

Hey, I'm positive. I'm positive Amway is a scheme!