Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Is Your Amway Upline Just A Salesman?

When I saw the Amway plan, it made perfect sense at the time, because the diamond who made the presentation made everything seem sensible. Make money and/or save money. On the surface, you would have to be nuts to not want to make or save some money. But it is the reality that is the problem. The reality is for business building IBOs is financial damage or financial disaster from the ongoing costs of the system expenses. I saw crosslines go bankrupt and more than one couple lost their homes to foreclosure by "doing whatever it takes" to get to the next function.

Our group (WWDB) edified people who bought extraordinary amounts of extra tapes/cds, extra function tickets and made superhuman efforts to get to functions. Looking back, I remember an IBO who was edified for coming all the way to a family reunion function in Portland Oregon when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The speaker said he could have been miserable spending time at home but here he was making a difference in people's lives. WTF? I wrote a post earlier this month about how IBOs think they are saving the world and helping people when in reality, the masses of IBOs are only "helping" their diamonds to attain material wealth by purchasing function tickets, voicemail, standing orders and other materials.

I would agree that some training and information can be helpful for new IBOs but I do not see any value in a neverending supply of cds and and endless number of meetings and functions. The very thing (support materials) that uplines claim is your key to success is the very thing that nearly guarantees business building IBOs to financial struggles. Our upline wanted IBOs to be out of debt, which is good, but they would also say in the same breath that it was okay to go into hock if it was to attend functions or to purchase additional support materials. WTH? Sadly, many IBOs do not see through this self serving advice.

Most people, including myself are very wary when we deal with car salesmen. We are wary because we know that the salesman is out to make money off of us and will try to sell us every option in the book. Thus we negotiate and reject the car options that we don't really need to or. Guess what? Your uplines are like car salesmen except that they sell you different options such as premier club, standing order, book of the month, function tickets, voicemail, open meeting tickets. Just like a car buying customer, taking all the options maximizes the car salesman's commission and the car dealer's profit. Buying all the support materials increases your upline's profits. Imagine the car saleman telling you that the extended warranty was vital to owning the car. You'd think twice about it, yet uplines will tell you that functions are vital to your Amway business and many IBOs buy it hook line and sinker. I hope this analogy will encourage IBOs to think of support materials as options on the car. You don't need any options to make the car work. Just as you don't really need support materials to buy and sell Amway products, and to get some downline to do the same.

We are wary of car salesmen. In my opinion, downline and prospects should be just as wary of uplines who promote tools as "vital" to your success in Amway. Keep in mind that a sponsor is obligated to help train any downline, regardless of whether they are on the system or not.


Anonymous said...

Our group (WWDB) edified people... From, edify means "to instruct or benefit, especially morally or spiritually; uplift:..." So the first meaning is to instruct, not praise. I wish all distributors edified (instructed) their upline. A great example of cult twisting the meaning of a perfectly good word.

Joecool said...

I heard the term in our group too. It was meant to praise or give credibility to your upline with the thought that in turn, your upline could edify you too. Likely a way to put diamonds on a pedestal and to get the group to follow the leaders blindly and without asking questions.

Anonymous said...

I knew this this eagle who's in Matt tsurudas downline. Last weekend he was begging people go take a free meal to a dream night function. My thoughts where wtf is going on? I thought blogs and sites like this make majority of them wake up to the lies. This sort of thing was common when I was in but there was no internet. Guess things don't change much. People buy extra to make their leaders happy

Joecool said...

Not sure but Matt might be the only diamond in Hawaii. The rest took off and live on the mainland US. Yeah, they teach IBOs to buy extra tickets now because they make more money that way. Too bad the IBOs don't see thru the scam. There's also a pro Amway blog run by a morally corrupt IBO that the uplines refer prospects to so even though my blog goes on, it depends on who prospctes believe. Hopefully enough people come here and realize they are being scammed.