Friday, January 16, 2015

Signs Of An Amway Zombie

Sometimes it happens to the nicest of people and it oftens happens slowly and subtly. These are the signs that you are becoming indocrinated and you are likely annoying your loved ones at this point. One thing Amway uplines are good at is indoctrinating their downline. They use clever psychology and get you to agree with them on small things, building up your trust and then when a degree of trust is installed, then they toss in some of the crazy teaching. Many folks quit after seeing through the scam but some bite hard and follow blindly. My former sponsor is still in Amway after 20 years and while he was once upon a time a platinum, he is no longer close to that level. I hope this helps someone:

*You're driven to recruit everyone you know. You may even resort to deception or outright lies to get people to meetings. Before you know it, your family and friends avoid you like the plague. You do this because it's the only way to achieve "diamond" and "residual income".

*You're encouraged to develop an unreasonable, irrational zeal for the products. Even so far as to justify the quality of toilet paper or to call the products prestigious. You may even argue the quality of energy drinks or about phytonutrients, something you may not even know about. You'll justify the higher prices of Amway products by talks of concentration or some other means.

*A whole bunch of demands, promises, subtle threats of failure if you don't try hard enough are made in the promotional material and motivational seminars. i.e. If you quit, you are a loser destined to die broke and unhappy.

*Because the system is touted as the way you're going to make yourself fantastically rich, you're under pressure to drop any conflicting or competing interests such as your bowling league or golf club. Nothing else in life has importance except for the quest of financial freedom. All activities in your life must enhance your Amway business and have an affect on your financial future.

*Your upline soon becomes your most trusted friend. Your thoughts and feelings are shaped in part by the cds, meetings and functions. You ask upline permission for many personal decisions such as buying a new laptop, a new car, having kids, getting married, etc. As if someone who signed up in in Amway before you is qualified to counsel you on these decisions.

Do you recognize these behaviors? Hopefully you aren't displaying these behaviors.


Anonymous said...

IBOFB is an Amway zombie. He thinks the world revolves around Amway. That's very odd because it doesn't seem to me that he's making any real money from Amway, yet he goes out of his way to defend it.

Anonymous said...

Awhile back I noticed a donate button on ibofb pro Amway webpage and also ads to earn $. Wouldnt surprised me if he makes okay money from donations. The Amway ibos think he's a honest guy. I mentioned a recruiter saying ibofb websites as a recommended page to visit by Amway new ibos and okay to show prospects. The cult leaders probably throw a bit of $ his way. He does a piss poor job defending. Even his little nutcase reason why AnnaB and Joecools identity is way off.

Joecool said...

I hadn't really thought of that. He could in an odd way be like a Kiyosaki. Not building Amway but defending and promoting it. IBO leaders in turn send prospects and IBOs to look at how to defend Amway and IBOFB generates some money from the ads and maybe the kingpins and other IBOs donate some money towards the pro Amway website. What they don't see is that IBOFB takes editorial liberties and makes some false claims and outright lies in some of his articles. But you make great point with your comments.

Anonymous said...

I noticed his donation button for a few years now. My copy paste doesn't show his MasterCard, visa,bank,and can't remember if he has western union for money. Definitely he'll deny he makes much. Just like the leaders of tools in Amway. That's why ibofb defends to the bitter end. People like the leaders and ibos like his message and throw $ his way. I don't know critics who have such a rewarding setup as ibofb for their blogs or website

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Joecool said...

Yeah, he's probably getting some compensation but he can deny getting paid by Amway or an LOS because the diamonds refer IBOs to him and maybe they "suggest" that they donate, plus the revenue from google ads. This man is a shameless liar when in comes to Amway and he'll go through any lengths to defend Amway. He's often eloquent and sounds authoritative but when you analyze what he says and actually read his arguments carefully, only then can you see thru his BS. The brainwashed IBO minions just go to his site and agree because they have shut down their critical thinking skills while they are listening to their upline.