Monday, January 26, 2015

Retired Amway Diamonds And Other Myths?

I was watching a show on Discovery channel the other night about Sasquatch. It was followed by a show about evidence of UFOs. It made me start to think about these phenomena. It seems like everyone has heard about or knows something about Sasquatch (Big foot) and/or UFOs. There are many documentaries showing pictures and evidence of both, but to date, there is no bonafide evidence that these things exist. You'd think that a body or bones of a Sasquatch would turn up somewhere, sooner or later, or we would find compelling evidence of a spaceship from another galaxy.

It sounds just like stories of people who built a diamondship, then "walked away" from their businesses, retired in the lap of luxury and did nothing while the money kept rolling in. I heard numerous scenarios about this happening, but looking back, all the diamonds kept working and since Joecool left the business, the diamond either kept working, or quit or got terminated. But I never heard anyone name some higher up Amway pin who built a business, and then walked away from it to travel the beaches of the world while hundreds of thousands of dollars kept rolling in. Many have heard about it but nobody seems to be able to name any of these folks. I mean after over 50 years in existence, you'd think some of these folks would exist, especially when it seems to be a selling point of the business for many AMOs.

It is my opinion that Sasquatch, UFOs and retired Amways diamonds (with significant Amway income) are non existent. If these folks existed, there should be at least some shred of evidence of it. The lack of evidence indicates to me that it is either non existent or so rare that nobody can display bonafide proof. I mean there aren't any T-Rexs roaming the earth anymore but fossil evidence proves that they existed at one time.

Keeping in mind that the Amway business has a high attrition rate, coupled with low sales to non IBOs and you can easily conclude that residual and significant income is nearly impossible. An Amway business that is left alone will deteriorate like a sandcastle does as the waves wash it away. You (in theory) could possible walk away from an Amway business for a while and collect some income, but you won't be collecting enough income to live the "diamond lifestyle" as portrayed by diamonds in their functions and open meetings. I'm not even sure that active diamonds can comfortably afford that lifestyle even when building their businesses. There is ample evidence to support my claim. Diamonds losing homes to foreclosure, former diamonds revealing secrets about their income. If you really believe you can walk away from your Amway business and collect untold wealth, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. :-)


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. An Ambot will cite as "proof" the lying sleazebags up on stage showing slideshows of yachts, mansions, etc, but heck, I could google pictures of wealth and put them up on a slideshow and pretend to be walking the beaches of the world myself.

As you said, once the hot air is looked behind, the simple LOGIC of being able to get any kind of large downline started and be able to walk away and for it to magically hold together when 99.9% of those in it aren't making any kind of money at all (and a large portion LOSING money hand over fist) it makes no sense that something like that can maintain itself. Like everything in Amway: Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit. It's how they lure in fresh suckers.

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, the Amway leaders need to show "wealth" because showing their schedule c business tax return might not be as pretty.

I actually believe many diamonds are broke or living on the edge of debt because a diamond's income after taxes and expenses is not enough to support the jet-set diamond lifestyle that they will have you believe they live.

Anonymous said...

I had a ex mlm distributor who had incomes similar to a qualified diamond in Amway. Told me after he didn't qualify at that certain level. His mlm deal stop paying for his monthly payments for his luxury vehicle. I think Amway has this type of deal also for higher ranking ibos. Can go into the poor house if your level drops suddenly. Except in Amway the leaders never admit being broke. Greg Duncan still puts on a smile at functions. Do you think Greg is out of bankruptcy? Heard XS energy was sold at a reasonable price

Joecool said...

I did not hear about XS being sold, I'll have to check that out. Greg owed a lot of money, plus he owed back taxes. If he is living below his means and follows the same advice he gives, he'll be okay but he may not have yet paid off all the debts. I believe he also had a million dollar loan from Amway.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I have a very close and personal friend who is a Amway diamond. I have seen remarkable differences in their life style changes. I have been to his mansion, flown in his airplanes etc. It is amazing when people who suck so hard at life, all they can do is try to look intelligent by putting others down. Just because you all don't posses the "sack" fillers to build an Amway biz and all you can do is whine like babies, doesn't deter anyone with determination! I watched my friend go from a one bath house to a house with 12 baths, 5 kitchens an indoor gym and a 55,0000 gallon swimming pool. All from Amway! I have know this guy since I was 4 years old, 51 years! Don't put down what you don't know!

Joecool said...

Good for him! There must ne ten thousand downline losing their shirts so your "friend" can live this lifestyle. You must be proud! A better question is why aren't you a diamond too?