Monday, May 2, 2016

Amway Makes You A Nicer Person?

Many IBOs "think" they have become nicer people as a result of their association with other IBOs and because a part of the system they are with advises them to read self help books and other positive material. The upline may also advise you to skip watching the news because of the "negatives" you see. They are also taught that as a side benefit of the Amway business, that they are nicer people. Of course, many IBOs mistakenly think that they started a business not to make money, but to become "nicer". If dealing with people made you a nice person, that's a nice side benefit bu a business exists to make money, not to soften your demeanor.

I certainly agree that some people can benefit from positive books and association with others, but for many, it is not a genuine "nicer" person, but simply a phony personna that is put on in order to recruit potential Amway downlines. That is how my former sponsor appeared to me. Because I had known him for a long time, the "nicer" looked as phony as phony can be. There are many examples of phony niceness that some IBOs profess. Even Amway's biggest defender was apparently called a "cyber bully" by an Amway corporate blogger and some others for making disparaging comments about those with opposing views. Others have resorted to calling people broke or losers simply because they did not agree that Amway was their savior. Seems IBOs are nicer when they are recruiting you but that goes out the window if you don't sign up. Then you become a broke loser.

On this very blog, there are comments, I assume by IBOs, that make implied or subtle threats. Some of these comments are not subtle at all. In fact, in my blogging experience, it is usually the IBOs and Amway defenders that resort to name calling. I suspect that is because the facts are on the side of the Amway critics. For example, it is a fact that most IBOs never make a dime, even if you don't count the ones who "do nothing". If you look at system IBOs, then the vast majority never make enough to pay their voicemail expenses.

Even the coveted diamond level appears to be a facade, especially seeing diamonds quit, resign and simply walk away from the business without the lifelong passive income. A triple diamond's bankruptcy revealed some financials and it wasn't all that impressive considering the size of his business plus longevity in the business. The "success" appears to be a fa├žade in Amway, just like IBOs who think Amway has made them nicer people.

So IBOs, are you a nicer person? Is it evident by your words and actions? It doesn't appear to be very clear to me.


Ben Dover said...

The people that I have met in real life are a testament to the nicer side of Amway. They have gigantic smiles, are nicely dressed, have positive messages, and above all else, seem to legitimately care (because their finances are involved, but that is besides the point). However, it is a very different story when you run into IBO's, Consultants, Coaches, Ambassadors, Distributors, etc. online they seem to have a very different identity. They come from a very cold, calculating, black and white (all or nothing), mentality. They are proponents of violence and ill will, and accompany that with an undying affection for their beloved MLMs. It seems to be oddly hot and cold, and my guess is that the people online are the true reflection of the phony persona you will see from the person in real life.

My favorite thing to point out to them, is that they are a representative of the company. They legitimately don't seem to care as they continue to tarnish the reputation of their MLM with every nonsensical, angry, vulgar ridden posts. I haven't found any other company that has such a loyal following, and has had employees allowed to spout off in such profuse vitriol. Those employees (if found) would be fired in a heart beat, and their posts would vanish. The amount of damage IBO's do on a daily basis to their companies while trying to defend them is not repairable and continues to be the MLM's demise.

Joecool said...

I had a small glimpse myself, and have heard from former platinums that backstage, the diamonds don't all have the giant smiles and they don't act the same as on stage. In fact, some laughed at how gullible they thought the audience was.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Amway stands for "the American Way," and the American way is dog-eat-dog capitalism. It isn't always a vicious type of competition, but it frequently is.

So yes -- the guys who rise to the upper Amway levels of diamonds, crown ambassadors, and all the other assorted big-pin ranks are NOT going to be nice guys. They are going to be the savage, go-getter types who have a knack and an instinct for crawling and clawing their way to the top. They become fiercely loyal to the income-system they have fought so hard to master,

And this will explain what both Ben and Joe have mentioned above -- namely, that defenders of Amway and similar MLMs get really vicious, violent, and vitriolic when they show up at blogs defending their business. IT'S A SIGN OF THEIR BASIC CHARACTER! Their entire career has been one of savage competition to reach the heights of their MLM structure. Naturally they are going to squeal like stuck pigs when blogs like this one or Anna Banana's start pointing out the fraudulence and fakery of it all.

Of course, this doesn't explain why a lowly IBO making ten bucks a month in Amway will also defend the scam furiously. In his case, we have to put it down to religious delusion.

Joecool said...

Spot on comments. I actually wrote an blog post about this very thing. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Spot on!! No wonder that the person who tried to sponsor me has a full smile, charming and has a pleasing personality, very friendly and likes to sing. All for the purpose of concealing the true motive of lovebombing.

Anonymous said...

If they say that being a nicer person is the reason on why they should be part of an mlm organization then it shouldbe treated as a red flag.

The reason that people become part of the organization is the need for income.

Joecool said...

Yes, you join to make money but since mostly everyone who joins loses money, the upline needs to point out things like being nicer or the business saves marriages and junk like that because the merits of the business cannot stand on it's own.

Joecool said...

Yes, they'll be smiling and trying to charm you. Once you get in, they want to raise the bar and your level of commitment so you buy more and more tools and functions.

Anonymous said...

You hit the sore spot of an IBO and they become evasive, vicious and angry at you. Does it make them a "better person" or an "onion-skinned" mentality?

Joecool said...

Very good point!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading comment here and I can't believe how you guys share same opinion like me. But unfortunately, my husband is BLIND SHEEP. I love him so much and I just want rhe best for us, but since he join to the Amway our relatio ship is worse and worse. We are fighting at least 2x at week, he is spending hundreds and dundreds dollars on products. Even at time when he wasn't working, he was spending every single dollar on Amway, but he didn't care do I have anything to cook that day?! I was going in food bank for bread, but he is walking around in suit and thinks how our marriage is better and our lives are going to be awsome soon and we well be debt free and bunc of other stuff. And every time when I mention his "mentor" or anything bad about Amway, we fight a LOT. I really don't know what to do and how to talk with him and open his eyes. I'm scared of talking with him. I'm so thankful for this blog and for all you people who wrote your comments here; now I know that I'm not the problem. Please, give me some advices how I should spoke to my husband about it and how I can turn him back before is to late.

Thank you everyone, special thanks to blogger.

And I'm sorry for my english, I'm still learning.