Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Residual Income - Something For Nothing?

In my opinion, Amway is a pyramid. They are not illegal, but still a pyramid. The reason why they remain legal, apparently is because they do not pay anyone for recruiting downline and allegedly require sales to non Amway people, although I'm not sure how hard this is enforced. But most everyone has been, or knows someone who was recruited by a zealous Amway IBO. The emphasis of most active IBOs is on recruiting and much of the teaching by upline is on techniques to recruit and/or how to talk to people without tipping their hat to reveal the Amway name. Most IBOs are not very good at this and they stick out like sore thumbs in many cases. It's also comical when uplines teach crazy antics, like how some IBOs use to deny that Amway and Quixtar (Amway was called Quixtar back in 1999) were even remotely connected.

One of the reasons IBOs use to justify their involvement in the pyramid is that they can work and earn more than their sponsor. While that is true, it is only because everyone below the emerald or diamond level is basically expendable, or a slave in the pyramid. And frankly, many IBOs do little or nothing so surpassing someone who does nothing isn't that hard. There are many IBOs who achieve fairly high levels who quit, or had upline wreck their businesses. Thus even platinums are expendable to upline. In fact an upline might make more money by removing the platinum. For new IBOs or recruits, do you really believe that you are going to ever surpass your current upline diamond or higher? If you believe that, you are sadly mistaken. If a diamond "de-edifies" you, you're toast. And guess what happens to your downline? They get passed on to your next upline.

And for those who dream of achieving diamond and walking the beaches of the world. How do you think you can ever achieve that? You don't get something for nothing unless someone gets nothing for something. In order for you to receive income for little or no efforts, your downline IBOs must keep purchasing products and replacing IBOs who quit. If your downlines cannot keep up with the attrition rate, your business will collapse in a hurry. Come to think of it, if a diamond can walk away and collect a large income forever, why hasn't anyone done it? I mean we still see crown ambassadors still busy working functions and I don't know of any who walked away to spend their lives jet setting on the beaches of the world.

The sad reality is that you see new faces at meetings and functions, just as often as you see familiar faces disappear. With that kind of attrition rate, you may have to work even harder at the higher levels just to keep your business status quo. In Egypt, the slaves built the pyramids. Do you have enough slaves? What many Egypologists find amazing is how the Egyptians were able to motivate the slaves to keep on going, doing backbreaking work all of their lives. The same can be said of a diamond level business (or higher)


Jerry D. said...

Joe, when you achieve TRUE financial freedom in a few years, we need to throw you a REAL freedom party, my friend!

Joecool said...

Thanks Jerry! In 36 months, I will be qualified to receive company pension and I will retire. I own a rental property and a home in Kailua Oahu. If you google, you can see what real estate sells for out here. Now I won't be living a jetset lifestyle but I can wake up when I want, and travel to the US Mainland or foreign countries about once every 3-4 months. Not bad at the age of 55.

But it was because I worked 2 jobs and invested from the age of 24. Not because of a get rich quick scam.

Anonymous said...

The only thing you need to "motivate" slaves is a whip and the threat of capital punishment. I'm sure the Egyptians had no trouble with their slaves. It took a divine intervention to get Pharaoh to release the Hebrews.

No one is that kind of a slave in Amway, but they still remain. Why? It's because their enslavement is psychological, not physical.

Joecool said...

Yes, the IBOs do what they do on their own. But a conman is someone who gets people to do what they want. Amway diamonds are conmen.

Francois Tremblay said...

Amway was never called Quixtar. Quixtar was the name of the Internet branch of Amway.

Joecool said...

You are mistaken