Saturday, May 7, 2016

Avoid The Amway Vortex?

One of the ways people get enticed into joining Amway is they get fed lines by upline and fall for it without actually validating the claims or without thinking it through. Sort of like an impulse buy for example. On the surface, many lines can make sense until you do the math. One very common pitch is join Amway to save and/or make money. Save 30% is what I heard. Afterall, who wouldn't want to save 30% on everyday products and maybe even make a few dollar in the process? You'd have to be crazy to refuse an offer like that right? Well yeah, until you look at it more critically and deeper.

As an IBO, you might save 30% off the full suggested retail price. The problem is that the IBO price is already highly inflated. And truthfully, Amway products have to carry inflated prices because Amway pays 30% of their intake in bonuses. SO basically, you are paying for Amway's profit, plus at least another 30+% when you purchase an Amway product. So for example, a one month supply of double x, Amway's flagship product, carries an IBO price of around $50. The suggested retail price is around $80. It's a very diffcult sale because you can buy multi viamins much cheaper and in much greater quantities at WalMart or any other retailer. That's when IBOs use the defense of high quality or that Amway vitamins have special qualites. The reality is you can get similar results for a fraction of the price.

Another piece of hype that IBOs get sucked into is residual or ongoing income. You might hear build it once and build it right and get paid forever. Well, if that were true, and you're getting money for nthing, then someone or alot of people are getting nothing for their money. But here's a great question for upline. Name 2 people who built it right, and built it once, who walked away and sit on the beaches sipping mojitos while Amway checks roll in. THey don't exist. In all my years of blogging, not a single person could name a single diamond who achieved the mahical lifelong residual income. It's why diamonds and crowns never retire and work until they die. You can debate as to how hard a diamond works, but there's no denying that they never seem to retire.

Another fancy trick is upline will tell you to join Amway, make extra money and get out of debt. Except that nobody seems to achieve this. How do you get out of debt while buying around $300 worth of overpriced products, a well as training materials such as book of the month, standing orders, and function tickets? Upline will teach get out of debt which seems good on the surface, but at the same time, will say it's ok to incur debt if it's for your Amway business. That's BS. If you're in debt and your Amway business is not generating a profit, you have no business getting deeper in debt to purchase business support materials.

These items I have discussed are the common thing that people are fooled by and they iften get caught up in hype and get sucked into the Amway vortex, thinking they are going to make money and possily get rich. Mean while you are being drained of your resources one cd or one function at a time.


Anonymous said...

You should probably work on your English if you want anyone legitimate to take you seriously. It shows how uneducated you are as a person and lowers your credibility no matter what topic you may be writing about.

Joecool said...

How much are you losing in Amway each month?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11:37 AM --

There's a big difference between poor English and typos that come from a slip of the finger on a computer keyboard.

If you look at the few misspellings in Joe Cool's post, you will note that they are all of this nature, such as typing "fanyc" instead of "fancy" or "nthing" for "nothing." Everyone who types quickly makes such mistakes.

But you aren't really interested in that, are you? You're just a pissed-off Amway IBO who can't stand the fact that Joe Cool's blog reaches thousands of people every single day, and tells the truth about the corrupt company that you work for.

Since you don't have the intelligence to argue against Joe's facts and figures and logic, all you can do is come up with some petty little complaint about "bad English."

You're really pathetic.

And by the way, your use of the word "legitimate" is improper. Using it as a post-positioned adjective to the noun "anyone" can only mean "anyone of legitimate birth." Unless you mean that only non-bastards are expected to read this blog... but I suspect that wasn't your intended meaning.

I'm an English professor at a major research university. Don't even think of trying to argue the point with me.

Joecool said...

Not to mention I'm using a mobile device to post this blog article and the print is very small, making it hard to proofread (I'm getting older).

Thanks for your supportive comments. I wonder if anon will be back?

Anonymous said...

As a prospect, the recruiter will say that starting a business in amway is EASY and LOW COST, spend $180 as a "capital" and you're in the business, just work your way and you will get the result.

Ben Dover said...

To Anonymous May 7, 2016 at 3:08 PM,

Feel free to correct any of my sentence structure and grammar mishaps anytime :). Also, I am notorious for throwing in commas randomly...I can't tell you how many classes I have taken, and it still doesn't seem to click for me.

I'm afraid with comments like the other anonymous, people may actually take my points less seriously. This, of course, is a terrible decoy for not being able to respond to the points I am trying to address. Yet, it is important to not give them any ammunition when trying to discredit the person.

Unknown said...

Larry and Pam Winters, Joe and Marybeth Markewiecz, Matt and Alana Grotewold, Gary and Tammy Newell, Brad and Julie Duncan, Howie and Theresa Danzik, just to name a few of the many financially independent Diamonds and above who are living examples of how the opportunity works at high levels. It's a lot easier to put people down than to build them up, but the least you could do is allow others to use the opportunity for whatever their own goals are instead of taking your precious time to write and spew negative all over. Have a good one.

Ben Dover said...

First of all, naming diamonds means exactly 0...for all you know they are paid spokespersons for Amway. 2. You have no idea if they are still qualified as diamonds, or if they have been trotting along with WWDB and pretending to be what they once were. 3rd. As math has proven, being a diamond in Amway will never give you the lifestyle they have portrayed for themselves on screen at these seminars. The only way they could ACTUALLY be living those lives is if they are taking a gigantic chunk of their gross revenue from tools sales and seminars, or they are completely faking it and paying to rent stuff for a day or two. 4th none of these people are retired which continues to create this ridiculous illusion of residual income. These guys are flying all over the country to hold special meetings and continue inspiring their downline so their income doesn't turn to 0...also Amway has specifically said that if you stop qualifying...they stop paying.

Do some research first before you post a bunch of nonsense...My guess is that you have no idea who those people truly are, what they are about, or why they continue to do what they do. You have probably seen them less than 5x outside of their presentations, and they have shown you nothing but love and kindness from their fake personas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben --

I have never noticed any bad grammar or weak sentence structure in any of your posts. Quite the contrary. Of course there are the occasional typos that all of us, myself included, make when hitting the keyboard quickly.

I wrote that particular post because I was angry at Anonymous of May 7, 11:37 AM, who was being snotty and condescending about Joe Cool while not addressing a single substantive point that Joe had raised. Joe's posts are always perfectly clear and literate, but this guy tried to use a couple of typos as a way to disregard the main issues that Joe raised.

It's just as Anna Banana says: Ambots try to distract.

Anonymous said...

Telling the truth is not "spewing negative." But in Amway hype and bullshit are valued more highly than truth, I suppose.

Ask any of those Ken-and-Barbie Diamond couples to show you their tax returns, instead of a slide-show of their supposed "lifestyles."

rocket said...

If those people you mention are so ethical and honest, then why don't you ask to see the source of their incomes?

They are only living examples of piggybacking an actual product based business (overpriced) and creating a false demand for what they sell, using the Amway business as their host.

No doubt it works at high levels, that's the criticism in case you missed it. Less than half a percent of people make it anywhere in Amway.

If it's true, does that make it negative? Your assertion amuses me, and is clearly coming from an uninformed and naive position.

Watch your expenses, and good luck selling overpriced Amway products. I'm sure you'll do fabulously.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Rocket.

Amway works for the people at the tippy-top of the pyramid scheme. Everybody else is just a slave on the plantation.