Monday, May 23, 2016

Control Of Time And Money?

One of the big things that the speaker hit on when I heard the plan was time and money. He said because of the job, you may have money, but not enough time to do what you enjoy. He went onto say that if you have no job, you may have a lot of time, but you'll be broke and won't be able to do what you enjoy. He also said that controlling time and money is essentially financial freedom. This concept appeals to many and makes sense in the big picture of life. Afterall, who wouldn't want to retire early and have enough cash to travel the world and only do fun things? I certainly agreed with that concept. The only problem was that I initially thought I could achieve this through Amway.

The sad reality is that nearly ever single IBO who registers for the Amway opportunity and the tools system, will never realize this dream. An Amway recruiter may paint a nice picture of how simple the business is, and that you can simply buy products and get others to copy or duplicate you and before you know it, you will be in control of time and money, and live "happily ever after". At one time, I believed it myself. Many others also bought the lie. What's worse, the secret to achieving this was contained in standing orders and functions. Another lie.

The more likely case however, will be that the business, including the system of cd's and functions, will cause you to have less time and money. In general, the Amway (and partner store) products costs more than your local big box retailers, and the cost of the systems add up to at least several hundreds of dollars per month if you are "CORE". Thus ironically, what many seek more of, they end up with less of, because of the business and the related activities. The functions and other educational materials take up valuable time and resources from the IBO and rarely ever results in any kind of significant return on the investment. Most IBOs would be better off never getting involved. In fact, many IBOs would be better off writing a check to their upline for $100 a month and not participating at all.

Time and money, think about it. Are you getting more or less of it because of your involvement in Amway and the systems? Most IBOs ironically, end up with less time and money because of their involvement with Amway. What's worse is when IBOs get sucked into staying with the system for more than a year, possibly racking up thousands in losses not to mention the countless number of hours spent pursuing the business. And to top it off, I'm not even sure the diamonds have total control of time and money. And we'll never know because the diamonds will never reveal their financials, which is another reason to beware of Amway.


Anonymous said...

No one in Amway has any free, leisure time AT ALL.

In Amway, you are constantly as busy and as hopeless as a squirrel in a circular treadmill cage.

Let's see if any asshole Ambot show up here to deny this.

Joecool said...

When half of your IBOs quit each year, it takes constant effort to recruit and replace these folks. which is why true residual income is a myth.

Ben Dover said...

Hey Joedrool,

I've seen the Amway diamonds in real life and they are AWESOME!!! They have pictures, and pictures are REAL! They are living the good life and they are teaching me to be successful! You don't know me or anyone in Amway, and all your stuff about not being able to retire is completely UNTRUE! My diamonds have teachers paid to come to their houses and teach their children about 'MERICA! HA! You couldn't even pay for high school diploma you LOSER!

Why don't you do something useful and get a 9-5 job cleaning their children's bathrooms! I'll keep growing my business and maybe I'll hire you on later! Keep being a loser! I'm going to be a WINNER!!!


Joecool said...


After I left Amway, I used t wonder how much of those pictures in the slideshow was BS or rented sports cars and rented mansions because a diamond certainly can't afford those kinds of luxuries on Amway income.

Lancaster said...

I like the idea of writing a check to upline and not doing anything else :) Easier and cheaper :)

Joecool said...

As funny as that may seem, it would be cheaper and easier than wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

Is this in the US or elsewhere?
In Singapore, Amway is almost like a Walmart with membership. You join as member (basically for free), and purchase the items you want at their retail shop.
I don't understand where is the hate coming from?

Anonymous said...

America is the most debt-ridden nation in the entire world. Millions of people just live from paycheck to paycheck, and don't have a dime in savings or investments. Billions of dollars are owed to American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. Student debt is in the trillions.

Getting out of debt, and staying debt-free, is a laudable goal. I have had credit cards for over thirty years, and I have always paid my balance due exactly on time, so as never to owe the credit card companies anything. (They really hate me).

But unfortunately there is an attitude and mentality in the United States that "debt is good, and useful." The idea behind it is that since inflation will never stop, all debt is slowly liquidated simply by the passage of time, as money loses its value.

I had a college friend who had this view of things, and naturally he spent wildly, took on big financial obligations, and lived from paycheck to paycheck. When I told him that I could never live like that, and that I followed my grandparents' pattern of never being in debt at all, he said I was an old-fashioned idiot who didn't understand the modern world.

Well, it turned out that he was the idiot. He died without a dime of savings, and with a heavily mortgaged house.

So when Amway tells its IBOs that it's OK to go into debt for crap like Standing Order and Ditto and functions and CommuniKate and all the other useless trivia that Amway pushes, I hope at least a few of those IBOs will recognize that they are being scammed.

Joecool said...

I'm in the US. And there's no chance Amway IBOs can compete with WalMart. Walmart doesn't mark up their goods 30% to pay for bonuses for their sales people. Amway does and for that reason, their prices cannot compare.

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, America is ridden in debt. I don't see why some diamonds and other Amway big shots wouldn't be in the same boat. How can people be buying a fleet of sports cars and mansions in cash and not be ridden in debt?

In the Amway plan, it shows that a diamond might make $100K or $200K, plus some income from tools (cds, books, functions).

After taxes and business expenses, you do not have enough cash to be making large ticket purchases like homes in cash.

A triple diamond bankruptcy (chapter 7) revealed that this diamond made half a million from Amway. A great income, but not one that will buy all kind of luxuries in cash. That's exactly why this triple diamond was in debt. had unpaid credit card bills, unpaid taxes and defaulted on several home loans.

I think that getting out of debt is a good idea but that should include not buying Amway tools unless your business made enough money to cover the expenses.

Anonymous said...

Joe, the guy from Singapore (May 25, 1:55 AM) has a point we need to discuss.

I've said it before -- something seems to be VERY DIFFERENT in Amway overseas, as opposed to here in North America. This guy says that Amway has retail stores, where you just walk in (as long as you're a member) and buy what you want and then leave. Nothing else. No cds, no meetings, no functions, no motivational garbage, no hassles from up-line, no drawing chalk circles, no goddamned "Plan."

So what's going on? Why can't there be Amway retail stores of this type here in the U.S., where you just walk in and buy a tube of toothpaste and leave? Why does Amway forbid it? Or in other words, why does it work in Singapore, but not here?

Is Amway playing a double game of some sort? Does it operate one way in North America, and a totally different way in foreign countries?

Joecool said...

Yes, Amway has stores in other countries. For example, MLM is illegal in China so they move their products through some other scheme. I know that Amway also has stores in Japan, as I've seen one. In the UK, Amway was in danger of being shut down so they lowered pricesm restricted tools sales and I believe you needed to demonstrate retail sales before you could sponsor downlilne.

So yes, Amway has different games for different markets.

Paul said...

MLM is illegal in China? Then how in the world does Amway make over 4 billion/year over there alone, more than in any other country by far? What other scheme do they use over there?

Joecool said...

Amway is in China but they do not operate the way it's done in the US. Sorry, I don't know much more than that.

Anonymous said...

Amway has regular retail outlets in China, open to members (like Costco here in the states). People who are members just walk in and buy what they like. They don't have to develop a down-line or buy stupid cds or go to expensive functions where asshole diamonds give tedious speeches.

Such retail outlets are not allowed by Amway here in America. And the retail outlets make a profit in China because they have no real competition from Walmart or other big chains that could undercut their prices.

Amway makes money in China because it is the only fish in a very big pond.

Joecool said...

Thanks for sharing that. I knew that Amway didn't run the MLM scam in China.