Saturday, May 21, 2016

Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch And Amway Retirees

"Build it right and build it once" and collect residual income. Work the business 2-5 years and go diamond and be able to walk away from Amway while collecting residual income. Now what does that have to do with the Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch? Well, Amway retireees who walked away from Amway while rolling in the big bucks are legendary and many people have heard about them but like the other legendary monsters, nobody has ever provided bonafide evidence of their existance. Sure, lost of people have heard about these things but in all my years, not a single shred of solid evidence.

I once had a debate with IBOFightback AKA Davi Steadson about these Amway retirees and he claimed there was a long tenured emerald who had a trust fund set up through Amway. So I called it an unsubstantiated claim unless he could provide details about this trust fund. Of course, he couldn't provide any evidence other than his word, which is not worth a cent in my book. Also, we don't know what kind of income is derived from this alleged trust fund. Afterall, it takes big bucks to fly first class to exotic beaches around the world to sip mai tais while walking them. And isn't that what the diamonds and other big pins advertise in functions? It's all about lifestyle and financial freedom right?

Well, in my opinion, these legendary Amway retirees do not exist. Why not? Because for one thing, an exotic lifestyle with mega luxuries cannot be had on 100K or 200K per year, which is what you would be lucky to have when you stop building Amway. Think about this, if about 50% of your downline quits each year, how can the residual income keep coing unless these IBOs are replaced? Also, a large portion of a diamond's income comes from tools and functions, but I would presume that you would no longer receive speaking fees if you're not speaking. Ad there are other examples of diamonds quitting and resigning from Amway. Now why would anyone quit or resign and leave residual income on the table? It's because there is no residual income. It's an urban myth.

So next time you see an IBO spouting off about Amway retirees and lifelong residual income, ask them to name 1 or 2 people who achieved it with some supoorting evidence. That's when the insults, excuses or dead silence will begin. Is it possible there's someone out there collecting some residual income? Well, mathematically it's possible but When you factor in attrition and keeping in mind that recently, 2 crown ambassadors died while still working Amway, you'd have to wonder where the truth lies. In my opinion, there is no true residual income. Because in Amway terms, that would be getting something for nothing, with IBOs claim doesn't exist. And these Amway retirees are as easy to find as a Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster. Lots of people know about it, some claim to have seen them, but not a single shred of credible evidence.

Joecool out!


Anonymous said...

Frankly, as a totally disinterested observer, I'd say that there is more evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch than there is for a retired Amway IBO living on residual income.

At least there are reported sightings of Sasquatch creatures by some honest and credible persons. You can't say that about those totally fictitious "retired" Amway millionaires. Nobody has seen them, ever.

IBO Fart-Back? Well, he wouldn't know residual income from residual kidney stones.

Joecool said...

IBOFightback is dishonest so he'll often cherry pick his information to defend Amway. It's a study from euromonitor, or an award from timbukfourteen, or praise from the DSA, whichever fits his argument at the time. He's good at sliding in questionable "facts" about Amway, without sourcing his argument. Or he refers to some previous court ruling, and counting on you not reading it to dispel his argument.

If someone was a diamond and "walked away", they might continue to earn some money for a while, but when people start to quit, that diamond would begin to fail the qualifications and would lose their bonuses in time.

What is dicey is that Amway recoginzes the pin forever so someone in theory could qualify diamond once and never qualify diamond again, ut could continue to earn money from speaking honorariums and selling cds and other tools.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Amway now forbids recruiters to use the phrases "residual income" or "unearned income" or "retirement" when showing "The Plan."

However, that doesn't stop the scum in the various LOS systems like WWDB, BWW, TEAM, and URAssociation and all the others from continuing to lie to potential recruits. After all, the only attractive thing about Amway is the crazy idea that you can retire in a few years and collect money for the rest of your life without working.

It's easier to sight a Sasquatch than it is to find a retired Amway millionaire who lives exclusively on "residual income."

Joecool said...

Amway might forbid it but as you say, they don't exacty police their IBOs in any serious manner. And why should they? Amway beenfits from the lies and BS about residual income and miracle products. SO Amway just turns a blind eye unless an IBO gets reported for that type of behavior.

It's also against Amway rules to sell Amway products on Ebay but you can go there every day an find Amway products there. And it's not like that would be hard for Amway to detect.

Anonymous said...

Let's suppose that an Amway IBO bought a bunch of Amway products, and then just opened a small storefront and sold them at retail to members of the general public who walked in. And suppose he just kept the profits for himself, since, after all, he did own the products.

What would the reaction of his up-line be?

legal service provider said...

At least there are reported sightings of Sasquatch creatures by some honest and credible persons.

Joecool said...

If people only join to buy and sell Amway products, I have no issues with that. Problem is that Amway products are not priced competitively. Amway pays in excess of a 30% bonus to their IBOs. That bonus is included in the price of Amway products, plus whatever markup Amway has for their profit.

They simple cannot compete with big retailers for price. That's why IBOs come up with the concentration or quality arguments.

But the bottom line is that Amway products are generic in nature with premium prices. A bad combination for distributors trying to sell products.

Anonymous said...

Well Joe, couldn't these overpriced Amway products be sold on "snob appeal"? Lots of silly persons spend extra money on certain items just because they have some sort of fancy name or reputation. My wife has an idiot female friend who spends $25 on a tube of toothpaste.

Joecool said...

Yes, you're right but most people don't mind buying designer hand bags, or fancy shoes, or even a luxury car.

Most people don't really care about perceived premium laundry soap or vitamins. And frankly, Amway isn't the top of the line. They are average products with premium prices in most cases.