Monday, February 26, 2018

A Business Mentality?

One of the things Amway IBOs "think" they possess, but in reality they are far from it, is "Business Mentality". It is not necessarily the fault of the IBOs. Many are sponsored into Amway by trusted friends or family lacking business experience. They will "submit" to upline as they are advised and will try to learn about the Amway business from them. The problem is that many upline leaders teach self serving business practices such as hard core dedication to their tools system, from which they often handsomely profit. They may also downplay the vital importance of actually selling products to actual customers. Let's examine some of the questionable practices.

"Buy from yourself". If you have a business owner mentality, you only buy from yourself if it's beneficial to your business. Many IBOs talk about ridiculous things like a McDonald's owner would never eat at Burger King. That's totally false. Just because I own a McDonald's doesn't mean I am eating Big Macs every day for the rest of my life. You cannot spend yourself to prosperity. If I sold pens for $1.00 and my cost was .50, and my competitor had a special on the same pens at 3 for $1.00, I'm buying them from my competition. Also, buying from yourself makes you a customer, not a business owner. Many new IBOs and prospects fail to see the flaws in this kind of teaching.

"Ignore facts if you have a dream". This is probably the biggest heap of bull crap taught by some upline. I have seen this spouted in particular by IBOs downline from WWDB and BWW leaders. A business owner studies the facts, not ignores them. Any REAL business owner wants to know how much he is bringing in and how much is going out. That's how you detect the heartbeat of your business. A site visitor named Gina on this site, posted a profit/loss statement from her real business. Naturally, IBOs were at a loss to discuss it because it was foreign material to them. If you are spending more on tools, functions and training than you are taking in, you are operating at a net loss and unless your sales goes up, you will continue to bleed money until you lower your expenditures. The purpose of the training is supposed to help you generate more sales volume. If that isn't happening, how much more training do you really need?

"Submit to upline". Another load of hogwash. Why should someone submit to upline simply because they "sponsored me" or whatever? Why should someone have authority over you and your business simply because they signed up before you? A real business owner would think independently and make business decisions based on facts and numbers, not on the advice of someone upline who hasn't taken the time to assess each IBO on a personal level to be able to give advice on an IBO's "Independent Business", or worse, advice on their personal lives".

"Dedication to the system". Silly advice as well. What dedication does the system have for an IBO? If an IBO succeeds (which is very rare), the system takes credit, but for the more than 99% of people who never make a significant income, it is their own fault if they don't make it. Amway apologists will defend this by saying that many may not have signed up wanting a significant income. While that may be partially true, tell me where people show "plans" designed for the guy who wants an extra $100 a month? The plans shown are always (AFAIK) to go platinum or diamond. There is no unbiased evidence that the systems help anyone succeed in Amway.

IBOs and information seekers, does any of this sound familiar? Is this a part of your experience? If so, I encourage you to ask questions and get more information before proceeding with any more "business" activity.


Anonymous said...

What kind of "business mentality" can someone have who is spending hundreds of dollars a month to get a ten-buck refund check?

You really have to be a brain-dead moron to stay in the Amway fake business.

URASucker said...

Gotta love the "edification" rule. I remember big shots threatening to PHYSICALLY FIGHT peole who dogged their upline. I wonder if it ever came to that.

Joecool said...

URA, I'm certain that people have been at odds when people dogged their upline. Not sure if you read the book "Merchants of Deception"? It tells a chilling take of how far people will go to defend their upline.

URASucker said...

Oh that I GOTTA SEE!

Joecool said...

""Amway was posturing to stop my income if I did not agree to buy back many books and tapes that were of no commercial value to me. I also would not meet face to face with my gun-toting sponsor. His over-the-edge loyalty scared me. I did not know what he was capable of doing, and I really did not want to find out either. There seemed to be no limit. I was unable to purchase the tools back, as I was financially destitute. Even if I had the money, I was unable to purchase them and then resell them into my group. I had been threatened with legal action for having any contact with my own organization. Most importantly, I now believed the tool business was completely deceptive, unethical, and illegal. I would have nothing to do with it.""

Excerpt from the book.

URASucker said...

I heard that he ended up submitting a written apology to Amway for him lying about being physically intimidated? Any truth to this?

Joecool said...

URA, I'm not sure because I believe some kind of settlement was reached and Amway alway requires a gag order in a settlement so the truth never gets revealed.