Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Amway's Premium Products?

I recently had a site visitor contact me by email to toss insults and exchange views on Amway. He tells me that he is a regular user of Amway's "Perfect Water". Perfect water was presented some years back and IBOs were making all kinds of hoaxes and fake demonstrations. There were all kinds of zany claims and eventually, Amway had to issue a clarification that IBOs should not be making false claims that did not come from the corporation. There were these balance and flexibility tests that people allegedly benefited because of perfect water. It was a sham.

I presume that IBOs refer to Amway products as premium because it gives them a feeling of justification for paying Amway's ridiculous prices. A case of perfect water costs about $48 and that doesn't include shipping fees and applicable taxes. IBOs might pay less than $48 for a case of perfect water, but still, who in their right mind other than dream induced IBOs would be willing to pay that much for bottled water? I can go WalMart or a local retailer and pay approximately $5 for a case of water. Someone can feel free to show what additional benefit someone would receive for paying nearly ten times more for a case of water other than a lighter wallet.

IBOs often claim that buying Amway products are like buying a Cadillac or a Lexus rather than a regular car. The problem with this is twofold. First of all, who other than Amway IBOs think of Amway products as the Cadillac of soaps and household cleaners? Obviously if Amway's products were so great, the market share would confirm that. How many people use Amway laundry soap compared to people using Tide for example? No contest! Secondly, even if Amway's products were the Cadillac of soaps (but it's not in my opinion), the vast majority of people do not care! They are perfectly happy using Tide for their laundry and Dawn to wash their dishes. And they get it cheaper at local stores than IBOs can provide. It seems that only IBOs who have dreams of early retirement and residual income are buying these "Cadillac" products. I don't really know of former IBOs who are hard core loyal to Amway products. Some may exist but I highly doubt that these people are common.

In neutral comparisons such as consumer reports, Amway's cleaners and detergents were rated as basically average with "premium" prices. Maybe that's why Amway IBOs call Amway products "premium"? Because they charge premium prices. As an IBO, I bought Amway products while I thought I might earn residual income. Once I realized the tool scam and quit, I never bought anymore Amway products. It is my conclusion that if Amway products are called premium, it is because thy carry premium prices, but not necessarily because of premium quality. Of course you are welcome to try and prove me wrong.

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Anonymous said...

If Amway had to compete in the real world, with non-Amway products, Amway would blown off the shelf and out of business within a month.

The products are nothing special. They aren't even mediocre. They are just crap, made cheaply in Amway sweatshops. Calling them "Premium" is an absurd lie.

It's amazing how Amway IBOs can be brainwashed into buying substandard, overpriced crap like Amway products. And then they wonder why they can't sell it!