Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Dangers Of Amway?

A site visitor left this comment on my blog. It shows how chasing an Amway dream can have less than desirable results:

Stumbled across this website while researching Amway. My story starts around 14 years ago. My parents got involved in Amway I was 22 at the time and they recruited me and my girlfriend (now wife) into the 'business' my older bother and his wife joined as well. We went to a lot of seminars and home meetings, met with their Directs constantly was told it was the only way to brake free from working for someone else and to make real money. At the time we were broke I couldn't afford the tapes or seminar entry fees so my parents would pay.

I would make calls to friends and work colleagues and organised meetings, recruited people and thought it was great. My parents became directs and my brother and I were slowly progressing too. As I was only young my influence and life experience I felt held me back and that's when I started asking questions. I could see my parents buying tools all the time and having to buy a lot of product to re qualify as directs every month. There was always a new fad product line as well, makeup, jewelery, water purifiers, air purifiers healing magnets. It looked like one gimmick after another.

I saw the travel costs of going all over the state for meetings, the phone calls etc the straw broke when their laundry door was looked and I couldnt go in there any more and found out they bought 6 air purifiers just to stay directs and didn't want anyone in their downline to know hence locking the room off. I quit and kept on working my job which freed up my time to look at other things. My brother kept working his day job and doing Amway on the side still to this day.

I would not have a clue how much money time and effort him and his wife have spent doing it for 14 years and still are not even close to making a living out of it. My parents quit after about 5 year's they wasted precious time and money on it, they are almost broke at 60 years of age.

The amazing upline we all admired quit as well at the sane time my parents did. They apparently had a strong group below them but I was told it all fell apart. My brother deals with no one that was around when I was involved as they have all left. He is constantly trying to find new people as the turnover is massive.

The ironic part about the whole thing is that I was told it was the only way to get ahead in life to be an independent business owner in Amway. I started a small business of my own in the back bedroom of my house 10 years ago and over time it grew with offices in several states of Australia and this year I made over a million dollars in profit. I think at how ironic it was that I quit Amway and made something so successful, my parents have basically nothing and my brother is still working the same job chasing the same dream he was 16 years earlier.


Anonymous said...

This is a heartbreaking story of the human misery that Amway causes.

pinkvictim said...

Mind control is powerful stuff.

URASucker said...

I have a link that I'm going to share on a future blog post. He documents EVERYTHING. It's horrible. I was so depressed when I got to the end. These people are despicable.

Joecool said...

Please share that link!

URASucker said...

I'll make a blog post with it. You can share it on your page when I do if you want. I've seen where you've done that before.

URASucker said...

It's on my page. Share away!

Anonymous said...

How do i find this?