Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Amway Just Doesn't Work!

1. The Amway products are too expensive overall to compete with other brands. While IBO's claim high quality, that is subjective and for most consumers, Amway products are not well known and seen as generic in nature with a premium price. Many people consider Amway products "satisfactory" or "average". Some people do enjoy Amway products, but overall in the US market, it clearly indicates that price is a factor and people apparently choose Costco or WalMart to get consumables and cleaning products. Also, person to person advertising is not as effective as national advertising such as Proctor and Gamble. While Amway did some advertising recently, they are too far behind in the game and their spotty reputation precedes them.

2. The Amway compensation plan is very unfair to new IBO's. The new guy does the work but gets only a tiny fraction of the generous bonus Amway pays out. A new IBO who moves 100 PV would get back $10 or so while layers of uplines split up the remaining $90 or so on bonuses generated by the 100 PV. The only way an IBO can increase volume is to sponsor downline and hope that they will also buy into the system and dedicate themselves to moving volume consistently. But this will also fail due to reasons #3 and #4.

3. Amway's reputation is so bad that sponsoring downlline to build a group is nearly impossible. Even getting people to see the plan is a tough sell. It is why building a business without some deception is nearly impossible. It is why many uplines begin to teach that Amway saves marriages, or that you become nicer by building an Amway business, or that the Amway business is about friends and not money. That is a bunch of BS. Business is about making money. If not you have joined a social club. That should be a huge red flag if your upline is teaching you that your Amway business is not about making money. If money wasn't a factor, why do they always show (but not verify) pictures and slide shows depicting untold wealth and luxury? Why do they talk about retiring young? It's all about the money!

4. The uplines push the tools scam on their downline while they make handsome profits from these books, voicemails, standing orders and functions. What's more, these tools do not help an IBO build a business because of the reaons listed above. In fact, I believe that any IBO who actually succeeds, does so in spite of the system and not because of the system. There is zero unbiased evidence to indicate that the system tools have any relationship to IBO success. And most systems are more alike than not, despite what they may claim. Also, any "success" is also not sustainable. The road to Amway riches is littered with former success stories. There are also many former diamonds/ Why would there be any former diamonds if they could collect residual income?

It is for these reasons that I believe Amway is not a good business opportunity for the vast majority of people. When you factor in the system expenses, you nearly assure yourself of a losing proposition. Do the math and do the research. Your conclusion should be clear.


Anonymous said...

I cannot thank you enough for this blog. I am married to a full fledged Ambot, and it is ruining our marriage. She goes to these bullshit rah rah conferences and buys into all the motivational crap. Yet, in two years, she has not recruited a single drone, not one. Keep posting and enlightening people. I have articulated the very points you have made here, to no avail. My wife is truly brainwashed by WWDB. It's sad, and I am losing my patience with her and her "dreams".

Joecool said...

I'm sorry to hear that your wife has bitten hook line and sinker. Her WWDB leaders are probably tells her that she should avoid you because you are "negative" and I wouldn't put it past them to suggest divorce. That's how insidious they can be.

Unfortunately, Amway is like catching a cold. Most times you just need to let it run its course.

Once someone is indoctrinated, you cannot reason with them because they believe and trust their upline more than loved ones. Most people snap out of it quickly when they realize they are bleeding money but some people can get Hooke for years because they show a 2-5 year plan. I truly hope your wife snaps out of it on her own.

Without downline, I assume she is bleeding money and taking losses each month, especially if she is attending all of the functions.

I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ 2:50 PM --

Get your wife to read Michael Wong's excellent article "Amway = Wrong Way" at this website address:

It is one of the most powerful and trenchant critiques of Amway that I have ever read.