Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Amway Zombie?

Amway Zombies? Sometimes it happens to the nicest of people and it often happens slowly and subtly. These are the signs that you are becoming indoctrinated and you are likely annoying your loved ones at this point. One thing Amway uplines are good at is indoctrinating their downline. They use clever psychology and get you to agree with them on small things, building up your trust and then when a degree of trust is installed, then they toss in some of the crazy teaching. Many folks quit after seeing through the scam but some bite hard and follow blindly. My former sponsor is still in Amway after 20 years and while he was once upon a time a platinum, he is no longer close to that level. I hope this helps someone:

*You're driven to recruit everyone you know. You may even resort to deception or outright lies to get people to meetings to "see the plan". Before you know it, your family and friends avoid you like the plague. You do this because it's the only way to achieve "diamond" and "residual income". Very little matters to you other than getting people to see the plan.

*You're encouraged to develop an unreasonable, irrational zeal for the products. Even so far as to justify the quality of toilet paper or to call the household products prestigious. You may even argue the quality of energy drinks or about phyto nutrients, something you may not even know about. You'll justify the higher prices of Amway products by talks of concentration or some other means.

*A whole bunch of demands, promises, subtle threats of failure if you don't try hard enough are made in the promotional material and motivational seminars. i.e. If you quit, you are a loser destined to die broke and unhappy.

*Because the system is touted as the way you're going to make yourself fantastically rich, you're under pressure to drop any conflicting or competing interests such as your bowling league or golf club. Nothing else in life has importance except for the quest of financial freedom. All activities in your life must enhance your Amway business and have an affect on your financial future.

*Your upline soon becomes your most trusted friend. Your thoughts and feelings are shaped in part by the cds, meetings and functions. You ask upline permission for many personal decisions such as buying a new laptop, a new car, having kids, getting married, etc. As if someone who signed up in in Amway before you is qualified to counsel you on these decisions.

Do you recognize these behaviors? Hopefully you aren't displaying these behaviors.

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Anonymous said...

Amway can survive only through the continuous churn of constant recruitment. If that doesn't happen, Amway dies.

Since this is so, anyone trying to make a go of Amway has to become a zombie. It's a requirement if you want to have a down-line and make money off them. You have to become an obsessive freak -- eating, drinking, thinking, talking, and sleeping Amway 24/7. The Amway racket becomes your god.

Unfortunately, all of this turns you into an obnoxious creep who is a pain in the ass to family, friends, and strangers alike. No one wants to talk to you, since your fanaticism allows you to speak only about Amway and how great it is. You become a brainless shell of a human being -- a true "zombie."