Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Amway IBOs Prey On The Needy?

One of the big things that was taught by my upline was to recruit people who are in need. People in need of time and/or money are perfect candidates is what I was told. You look for a need and use it as a chance to show the plan. Someone who may be looking for more income is likely to be more open minded. It is also why the upper level pins will display signs of wealth as an enticement, to get people interested and hopefully excited in seeing the plan, and hopefully to get people to register for the opportunity. IBOs will wave around a copy of an upline's check.
Recruits will be asked about their dreams. Amway recruiters will then show a "best case scenario" of people with trappings of great wealth. Of course they will not show you what is likely, which is a net loss due to the "system".

At this point, the recruit may start to wonder if he/she might be able to attain the same level of success. The recruit starts to think if he can find "six" as they talk about in the plan. In a 2004 Dateline segment, the show panned in on people in attendance at a function. Some poor saps were in tears. They probably wanted success so badly that they can taste it. They feel that it is definitely within reach. Sort of like how you can see the end of a rainbow but you can never reach it. That's how success is for the vast majority of Amway IBOs. They want suuccess and will work for it, but sadly, it will never materialize.

There are few people on the stage and thousands of people in the audience. That's the way it has always been. Unless the compensation plan changes, that's the way it is likely to be forever and ever. The 6-4-2 plan has 79 IBOs at 100 PV. Considering the people who never do a thing and those who quit, you can assume that you need much more than 78 downline to build a platinum business. And a platinum business is approximately where you start to break even, or possibly make a small net profit, depending on your level of dedication to the teaching system, which drains IBO's resources. That is because of the costs associated with being involved in a system such as BWW, WWDB, or N21.

For most IBOs who decide to try the business and the systems, they will likely end up losing time and money. LOSING TIME AND MONEY. Unfortunately, most IBOs sign up hoping to gain more time and money. Ironically, what they seek is what they have less of due to their involvement with the systems and Amway.


Anonymous said...

Amway does prey upon persons who are desperate and in need, but remember that the company also seeks out affluent types. They can be bamboozled into spending plenty on monthly fees and useless products.

Remember your doctor friend, Joe Cool. He certainly had a fine profession and didn't need to get involved in Amway's crummy pyramid scheme of soap-suds and crappy cosmetics. But he did, and his life was wrecked.

This is the cultic nature of Amway -- it can appeal to simple types who need extra cash, but it can also appeal to a deep psychological need in more affluent persons.

Joecool said...

My doctor friend is still in Amway, last I heard. It's a sad waste of life if you ask me. Funny thing is that my friend used to literally worship the ground that the upline diamond walked on. But my former upline diamond, Harimoto, moved to Washington State so I'm sure that my doctor friend rarely sees him now, except for large functions perhaps.

I can't imagine spending the better years of your life chasing the Amway impossible dream. It's been 25 years now.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly true! My daughter was definitely not desperate and needy, in her mid-twenties single making a very nice salary as an RN and somehow, which is still beyond my comprehension, she has fallen prey to this and unfortunately it is looking like it is going to wreck her life which in turn wtecks ours because we love her

Anonymous said...

If your daughter is an RN, this means she has a position which most nurses cannot attain. An RN has training and skills that the ordinary girl going into nursing cannot get. For this reason an RN often has a much higher salary, as an administrative person who guides and instructs the practical nurses.

I can see no rational reason why your daughter should endanger her position as an RN just for the pipe-dream of getting rich from crappy cosmetics and cheap cleansers. What's wrong with her?

Just a speculation on may part: Perhaps your daughter resents being an RN. Did you force her into this profession? Many Amway IBOs deeply hate their jobs, and that is why they turn to the Amway fake dream. If this is the case with your daughter, her motivation for being in Amway is deeply psychological.

Consider Joe Cool's doctor friend. He's wasted twenty-five years of his life in the stupid Amway racket. A quarter of a century, during which time he might have become a really top-notch physician! His motivation for this self-destructive act must also be deeply psychological.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment and insight. In no way was she pressured into that profession. In fact she loves her job, and she worked extremely hard to get through college and earned her BSN ( Bachelor of Science in Nursing). School was definitely not easy for her, she had to study significantly more than a lot of her classmates. But she has a tremendous work ethic and incredible determination. She hsd a true psssin for nursing. She got a wonderful job shortly after graduation and loves what she does and is a wonderful nurse. What I do think has happened here is the people who have lured her into this Amway business have told her if she does everything by the book and works hard she will be able to retire in 3 to 5 years and make a significant amount of money... they used the phrase quite often " help your family", donate to charity, make a difference Etc. My daughter is a very caring giving generous person and she believes that if she succeeds in this new business, so-called business, she will have the financial means to really help people on a wide scale. And that is how they got her, she believes that if she follows "the plan" right down to the letter like they are telling her she will make it to the top. And unfortunately with her determination and hard work that is so characteristic of her, she probably will. But at what cost? Damaging your relationship with your family, losing friends, and having no life whatsoever. It's unbelievable and truly heartbreaking to see the transformation in her in such a short amount of time. The only explanation is the Cult like nature of Amway and WWDB..mind control I read the book "Merchants of Deception" as recommended by Joe, and the thought of her life turning out like that is sickening. I have done a lot of crying in the last several months, and just hoping and praying that she will snap out of this and come back to herself...

Joecool said...

The sad and ironic thing is that IBOs can never name a few people who built Amway and then walked away to enjoy freedom while residual income is rolling in. I believe diamond freedom is a myth. Instead of being in a 9-5 job, the diamond level is also a job but with different hours. If not, why can't anyone name a diamond who built it and walked away to enjoy the good life?