Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In My Best Interest?

Amway IBOs, you are called an "Independent Business Owner". This means you are solely responsible for the bottom line of your own business. Apparently, one of the things that commonly happens is that some uplines will take advantage of this by giving advice that is more beneficial to themselves than to their downline. Some of the upline in your group will gain financially from an IBO's movement of product volume as well as tool purchases. So if your upline has a conflict of interest (your interest), do you really think taking advice blindly from them is a good idea? Is it a good idea if your upline diamond hasn't even considered your circumstances involving your business, plus your profits and expenses?

Thus if your upline is advising you to attend a certain function at all costs, or to sell off all your personal goods to buy more standing orders, this kind of advice needs to be taken with a grain of salt and assessed against the performance of your business and the amount of disposable income you have. Also, you may want to consider what you have gotten out of previous functions or standing orders and decide for yourself whether or not expending the cash to attend a function will be cost effective and whether or not you will get a good return for your investment. If the function doesn't directly result in more sales or more downline which results in more profit, is it worth your time and expense to keep attending functions? Same can be said about standing orders and other tools and meetings that upline expects you to attend at a cost.

All too often, it would appear that uplines will encourage their downlines to attend all functions, regardless of whether or not they are profitable, and regardless of whether or not the IBO can afford to attend. In my former LOS, I was a member of World Wide Dream Builders. When I sat in the audience, people were taught how they could put off paying their mortgage or their monthly bills to be able to attend a major function. Or IBOs were encouraged to quit their jobs and find another one if they could not get time off from work to attend. Of course, these same uplines were never held accountable for teaching these bad practices. The result was in a few case, home foreclosures, bankruptcy and massive debt, all incurred with upline's blessing, as long as the debt was in the name of Amway and Amway tools and functions.

IBOs, if you are hearing any kind of advice where tools and functions become a priority over your personal financial or family obligations, I would ask you to sit down and think about whether the said advice is truly in your best interest. If you will fall behind on your bills or mortgage, how will you ever catch up as major functions come up every 3 to 4 months. You will likely face the same or a tougher decision again in a few months. Is your upline's advice truly in your best interest? If so, how so? I urge you to really analyze with an open mind, whether your upline's advice better serves you or him?


Anonymous said...

This post talks about the financial irresponsibility of Amway up-line, who tell vulnerable IBOs to forget all prudence and just spend as much as they can to fulfill all of their Amway "dream."

But there's more to it than that. There is a very deep problem with all American capitalism, and that is its fanatical compulsion to KEEP CONSUMERS BUYING AT ALL COSTS. The mantra is "Spend, spend, spend!"

The root motivation behind this is capitalism's basic hatred of savers and money-hoarders. Big business is enraged at the idea that somebody might decide to pass up a spending opportunity, and keep his money in the bank. This is why capitalist scum have worked tirelessly over the last ten years to keep interest rates near zero. They are trying to force the country to spend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was told to sell my belongings in order to attend a conference. I don't have enough money to travel right now was not something that they seemed to comprehend.