Thursday, July 12, 2018

Amway Partner Stores

I wanted to write this post because I'm in a debate with an Amway IBO who is bragging about Amway partner stores. The tag line is Amway certainly does their due diligence, as well as partner stores as partner stores would not want to associate with Amway if they were a scam, etc. After reading this post, you will see that "partner" stores would be insane not to partner with Amway. Before going into that, maybe someone can explain what due diligence was put into partnering with Worldcom (formerly MCI) and Enron, for selling energy products and services. Surely all those high priced lawyers must have know about these epic failures (scams)?

Now, when an Amway IBO refers to a partner store, we are talking about a one way road. What I mean is that Amway sells products for these partner stores but the partner stores don't sell any Amway products and have nothing to do with Amway other than a business agreement (apparently) to allow Amway IBOs to act as commission only sales people for these partner stores. Amway IBOs take on all the time and personal expenses of moving partner store products, often at non competitive prices, and get a small commission only if they meet a minimum quota (100 pv), which is roughly $300 USD.

Imagine that, a partner store basically has the entire Amway sales force potentially selling their products and the partner store can charge whatever they want. The Amway IBOs are often taught to buy from Amway and the catalogs so the entire sales force often becomes loyal customers as well. And to make the deal even sweeter, the partner stores pay nothing unless the Amway IBO sells at least $300 worth of products, although partner store and Amway products can be commingled. In my way of thinking, it's a no brainer for partner stores to hook up with Amway. They have no risk and potentially a lot of addition sales. High upside and no downside.

And the cherry on the sundae for Amway and the partner stores is that Amway IBOs will also recruit and train other Amway and partner store commission only sales people at their own time and expense. Amway and partner stores can't possibly lose!! I almost want to go an create Joecool's widgets and become an Amway partner store myself. If Amway people sell my $100 Joecool widgets that cost me $5 to make, I rake in huge profits and the most commission I would pay is about 25%. It's a great deal because Joecool has zero risk. I only pay if the product gets sold. and I don't pay if products don't move. I might even be able to sell Amway IBOs my catalog so they can sell my stuff. It's heads I win and tales they lose for me.

So if you ever hear about and Amway IBO bragging about how Amway partner stores like Nike, Barnes and Noble or whatever big name company might "partner" with Amway, you can laugh to yourself and to use Amway's own catch phrase: "Now you know".


Anonymous said...

The crap about Amway "partnering" with certain big-name stores is a lie that has been told for years by IBOs and other apologists for the Amway scam.

No self-respecting company "parners" with Amway. They just allow Amway to sell some of their stuff to a captive audience of down-line IBOs.

If I buy some canned lemonade at the supermarket, make lemonade, and then open a small lemonade stand for my kid to run on a hot day, am I "partnering" with Minutemaid or General Foods, or whoever sells the canned lemonade concentrate?

If Macy's pays a bum ten bucks to sweep the area in front of the main store, is Macy's "partnering" with the bum?

Joe, the guy you are arguing with is a complete jackass. All he wants to do is keep on repeating the mantra "PARTNERING" over and over. He probably gets off on it!

Anonymous said...

I have been involved with Amway off and on for five years, my upline talks about partnering all the time in order to be successful. I am amazed that so many people including myself "buy "into this.

Anonymous said...

The "partnering" lie is pure bullshit. But people in Amway have been brainwashed to believe it.