Monday, July 2, 2018

What Is Real Success?

Success is subjective. Someone making ten dollars might be considered successful, for others, nothing less than a barrel of cash will suffice. One other important point is that there are undoubtably some very successful people in Amway. I am sure that some Amway diamonds are quite well off and enjoy some of the finer things in life. But the reality is that these successes are very very rare and many of these success apparently are not sustainable as many people are led to believe.

But the bigger issue in the Amway opportunity is where the success comes from. Sure, many people want to "go diamond" and live in luxury while barrels of cash roll in. But what is unknown to many, is that the few who enjoy the lifestyle and trappings do so at the expense of their downline. The downline move the volume and the downline purchases the system materials, both of which is profitable for the upline. Because Amway products, admittedly are not commonly sold to people who are not IBOs, then anyone can conclude that upline success comes from the pockets of the downline. Most downline would be better off writing a check for $100 each month to their upline and not participating in the business or buying products at all.

This in itself would not be such an issue if the system actually churned out new successes frequently AND if the downline were not led to believe that the system is the key to their success. But less than one half of one percent of IBOs ever reach platinum and out of those who do, only a tiny fraction of one percent ever attain the diamond level. But the business has tens of millions of people who tried and could never achieve what was promoted. Lack of effort may be a factor, but when that many people try and fail, it's evident that the system is flawed as well.

To summarize, it is possible for someone to achieve a level of success in Amway, but it is so difficult and so rare that IBOs probably have a better chance of winning the lottery or being struck by lightning than they do of achieving a significant level in the Amway business. Some people are successful, but it is usually at the expense of their downline. The catch is that uplines will teach their faithful downline IBOs that attending a function or buying a standing order is success, regardless of whether an IBO is earning a profit. So many IBOs think they're successful but they are simply fooling themselves with the help of their upline.

Success is undeniable, but sadly for the vast majority of IBOs, it is also unattainable, at least in the Amway opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about something Joe. And maybe you will have the answer. Why is it that Amway does not utilize social media to promote and or sell they're amazing products? It seems like IBO those could possibly generate some non IBO sales if they were allowed to use social media.

Joecool said...

Amway frowns upon social media (not sure if it's against Amway rules) and they restrict advertising, and do not allow IBOs to sell Amway products in retail outlets. Now Amway claims it's because they want a level playing field for all IBOs, but when you think about it, why wouldn't Amway want IBOs to be creative and sell more products?

I believe Amway doesn't want open competition. They are perfectly happy that IBOs "buy from themselves". I believe that Amway products are just not competitive when you do an open minded price and quality comparison. Thus a market consisting primarily of your own sales force is steady with uplines teaching product loyalty and defacto quotas (100 PV minimum).

In return, the upline receives a closed audience to which they peddle their tools and functions.

Basically the IBOs are exploited by Amway and by their own upline. Restricting competition for sales helps keep a lid on comparisons and other exposure that would show how overpriced and generic in quality the Amway products are.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought. Keep them in the dark, shield them from reality so they wont catch on to the scam they are consumed by! What legitimate honest company would not want to utilize social media to showcase their products? Simple answer, a greedy, dishonest company!

Anonymous said...

That is quite correct, Joe Cool. In the final analysis, Amway is just not interested in the sale of Amway products to non-IBOs. Sure, they'll retail Amway products, but that is purely a sideline for them. Their main concern is "The Plan," and getting persons to sign up in it and in all of the associated fees and tool purchases that membership in Amway involves.

If IBOs were really allowed complete freedom to retail on social media or in sales outlets, the average IBO's focus would be on salesmanship and product quality, rather than on perpetual recruitment of down-line.

That would be poison for the entire Amway racket.

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