Friday, July 13, 2018

What Are Your Dreams?

One of the things used as a recruitment tool my upline is to get a prospect to think of dreams. Dreams could be extravagant like owning a yacht or it could be simple like taking a cruise ship to Alaska. The recruit is told to dream big and to envision things they would like to enjoy. Perhaps it is not having a job, or perhaps it is being a stay at home mom. These are all great dreams and goals. Dreams and goals are good things to have. The speaker will then tell the audience that these are all possible thru the Amway opportunity. They won't say it is highly unlikely. They only give you the pie in the sky best case scenario.

Now some people may have achieved great success thru Amway. But these people are so few and far between that you could argue that the lottery has the same kind of success or maybe the lottery has more winners than Amway diamonds. Granted the lottery is a game of chance, and Amway is not, but the "likely" results can be comparable. In Amway and the lottery, you have the vast majority accomplishing nothing and losing money. You have some "best case scenarios" where a few are successful. You then focus on and display the success testimonies as evidence that "anyone can succeed", just as anyone with a ticket can win the lottery. The fact that a game of random chance produces similar results as Amway should be a red flag.

Some uplines will often tell their faithful downline that someone who speaks negatively about Amway is a "dream stealer". Of course this is ludicrous. Your dream is in your heart and mind. Nobody can steal that. Secondly, whose dream is being compromised? It is the upline diamond who has all the goodies and the large checks right? The downline are basically ones paying for their upline's dreams. It is fairly well known that the majority of Amway products aren't sold to people who are not IBOs. It is also well known that 99% of tools and business support materials are sold to IBOs. So guess where your upline diamond's success comes from? That's right. An IBO's product volume and an IBO's tool purchases provide the upline diamond with a nice income. Stop and think about it for a moment.

So yes, there are some people who achieve their dreams in Amway. There are also people who achieve their dreams playing the lottery. There are millions of people who tried to build an Amway business and did not achieve. There are millions of people to play the lottery and do not win. Some dreams get built, but chances are they won't be yours. There is a good chance that your upline diamond's dreams will come true if you "never quit" and you stay on the system.

The question is whether you are seeking to build your dreams or someone else's?


Anonymous said...

Dreams. I will tell you about dreams. I have a daughter that dreamt of becoming a nurse, and she worked hard and accomplish that and was living in Wonderful Life. She had so much ahead of her, beautiful vibrant girl with wonderful family and friends. The room with light up when she would walk into it. And then all that came crashing down when someone decided to just invade her life and feed her all this b******* about stuff that is never going to happen. Now it's tearing our family apart and we hardly ever see her I wouldn't call it dreams I would call it a nightmare

Joecool said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter and I hope she will see the light and snap out of it. It's sad that the cult of Amway does this to people and that the victims are actually taught to avoid family and friends who are "negative" about Amway. Yeah, we're negative because Amway and the systems will take over your life, drain your finances and leave you at the road.side curb.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:27 AM --

If your daughter is intelligent and perceptive she will drop out of Amway in about six months or a year. Most persons do. When you see that money is going out, and no money is coming in, only a wilful act of blindness and denial will keep you in the scam.

Tell your daughter that you love her, but also tell her that you will not lift a finger to support her Amway habit. Do not bail her out of this bloodsucking scheme. Do not buy any Amway products from her. Do not let her have the names and phone numbers of anyone. Do not let her store Amway stuff at your residence. Tell her she is welcome to visit you, but she may not bring anyone connected with Amway, nor may she talk at all about the business. Let her know that, in your mind, Amway is the bubonic plague.