Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Amway Haves and Have Nots?

Anyone who's been prospected or had an experience wih Amway most likely attended a recruitment meeting at a hotel or convention center, or maybe attended a function in a large venue. There might be several hundred to several thousands and if it's a big functions, you may have been sitting with tens of thousands of other Amway hopefuls. My former sponsor told me about a function back in the early 1990's when he attended a function in the (then) Seattle King Dome, which had maybe 40,000 IBOs in attendance. I mean, it must be somewhat exciting to be sitting in a venue with that many people, especially when they all seem fired up about the function. After all, everyone there is going to "go diamond" right?

What unsuspecting prospects and Amway IBOs do not see is that the people on stage are the haves and the people in the audience are the have nots. It's like attending a Bruno Mars concert except that Bruno doesn't lie to the audience that you will someday be with him on the stage making a financial fortune by doing what he does. Very few people are deluded enough to think they will someday be the next Bruno Mars and be on stage in front of thousands of people performing. They pay their entrance fee and enjoy the show. Basically, the same thins is true of an Amway function, except that the diamonds lie and proclaim that "anyone can do it"and that people in the audience will join them on stage.

Sure, once in a while, somebody might break the overwhelming odds and challenges to go diamond, but since I left Amwat and WWDB, more diamonds have left ot died than the number of new diamonds (in North America). Seems the same old diamonds are still there, and apparently teaching the same old tired principles of never quit and dedication to the tool system. And why not? The haves make profits from the tools and the have nots pay for the tools. In a way, Amway is like the real world of haves and have nots, but on Amway and other MLM, the have nots are lied to as if anybody can join the elite and join them on stage at the functions. In case you are an information seeker here, the botto line is that people who sell function tickets make nice profits and people who buy function tickets will make no money, or lose money, most likely because of the expense of tools and function tickets.

In debating a pro Amway/WWDB dude recently, he claims that his expenses are low, which is entirely incongruent with WWDB teaching. He also claims that his upline Diamond can afford to rent a place for $20,000 a month while he remodels his multi million dollar mansion. Is it true? I doubt it, but even if it were true, I doubt that anyone is generating $20k per month selling LOC or vitamins. But selling function tickets or cd or voicemail subscriptions could generate tens of thousands of dollars per month income. For this reason, upline will show you copies of their bonus checks, but will never show anyone their financials. IBOs and prospects who saw that upline rakes in their fortune from tools, might be hesitant to enthusiastically purchase those tools.

Bottom line is if you sell the tools, you are likely successful and are with the "haves". If you buy the tools, you are likely unsuccessful in Amway. You are a have not. The two rarely mingle and you're folling yourself if you think they do.

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