Thursday, May 14, 2020

IBOs Beware?

One of the things that came up this year with covid 19 and the Federal stimulus were hoards of scammers trying to pry the stimulus money out of the hands of unsuspecting people.  Sadly, people fall for these scams which is why these crooks keep doing it.

I’m quite certain that the upline diamonds know about it and have been hard at work trying to figure out how to separate IzbOs from that stimulus money or the additional unemployment money that people might be receiving because of the covid 19.  I’m sure there will be a pitch on extra products or vitamins and of course, more consumption of tools and functions.

I just hope that IBOS and prospects will honestly analyze everything and monitor their monthly expenses and income if they decide to continue.  It doesn’t take long before monthly bonuses if $10 - $50 accompanied with monthly PV purchases of up to $300 and $100 to $300 or more monthly will turn into debt and eventually massive debt.

Your upline will call it a business investment or that you need to be educated but what is your return on investment?  You can keep shoveling money into a fire hoping  it will turn to gold because your upline said so but most likely you’ll be burning your money and will never see it again.

I recommend that you monitor your expenses carefully and really think about whether your tone and effort will turn a profit.  Keep in mind that you were likely pitched that Amway has low overhead so you can profit quickly.  But during the presentation, they don’t mention that you’ll be expected to shell out approximately $500 or more monthly fir tools and PV expenses.  Food for thought.  Stay safe!

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