Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Unlimited Income?

A recent site visitor comment stated that Amway had run low or run out of various commodities due to the hoarding going on with the covid.19 pandemic going on.  It got me to thinking about a claim that my upline made at one time.  That as an Amway IBO, you can earn unlimited income.  Sky’s the limit they would say.

While that claim sounds nice, it’s just wild hype in the end.  As with many other things in Amway, you are limited by Amway itself.  Just like you can’t advertise without their convent, and you likely can’t win any disputes with Amway, you are also limited in earnings in terms of you can’t sell what Amway doesn’t have.  I suppose you could sell everything in the Amway warehouse but good luck with that.

In the end, it’s just another questionable claim made by upline leaders in order to put lipstick on a pig, to make a point.  It’s like how you can sponsor six who sponsor six, etc..  It sounds good and easy until you try to put it into practice.  A lot of Amway teachings are like that. It seems to make sense until you actually try to put it in practice.  I guess you can compare this claim to the common one about going diamond, walking away from the business and receiving residual income for life.

Oddly, I know retired firemen, bankers, government workers, but have never actually met anyone who retired because of residual Amway income.

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Anonymous said...

I find it absurd that in Amway you are expected to sell products, but you are not allowed to advertise them on your own, or to advertise yourself as a source for Amway retail. This is like saying that you can fish, but you are not permitted to use nets or hooks or bait.

It shows that in Amway (as in all MLMs) retail sales to non-members are deliberately downgraded and even discouraged. The crucial thing in Amway is RECRUITMENT, RECRUITMENT, RECRUITMENT! The only thing that matters is building a down-line, and exploiting it for fees and training tools.

If you're in Amway and you don't see this, you are basically blind to the nature of the business.