Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Buy From Yourself Nonsense?

Before many IBOs and prospects even heard of Amway, their uplines were hard at work thinking up ways to disarm valid arguments against Amway.  One of the things many people do not like is going out and selling stuff to others.  It was common to say Amway is perfect for you regardless of whether you liked selling it not.  It also disarmed the argument that people don't like selling

Uplines would use silly points such as buying from yourself as a business concept.  When you braking down, buying from yourself only makes you an Amway customer.  Your Amway business is a distributor hip, thus you buy from Amway and then hopefully resell the product for a profit. There's no profit in buying from your own distributorship.  Your upline might tell you something crazy like paying your business the full retail price and that becomes your profit.

Think about this. Say you buy a bar of soap for $20 but your cost is $10.  Your upline will say you made a profit of $10 but in reality, you moved $10 from your savings account into your business account.  It’s no profit if it came out of your own bank account.  But your upline will come up with these mind tricks to try to keep you motivated to stay in business so they can keep harvesting your money by selling you books, audios, functions and other forms of “education”.

Just keep in mind that as a business owner, you need to track your income and expenses.  If you aren’t making a net profit very quickly in Amway, when will you ever since there’s a cost for Amway products that you didn’t use before Amway and the never ending training that upline pushes.  In Amway presentations, they say you can profit quickly because of low overhead, etc.  But the mention of paying for training often could ex later after you commit to sign up.

It’s my hope that prospects/IBOs can see this and make informed decisions about joining or continuing in Amway.

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Anonymous said...

The idea of "buying from yourself" is absolutely insane. It makes about as much sense as pissing for the guy next door.

When you buy, you give money to the seller, and he gives you a product or a service in return that both of you think is commensurate with its value. You both get what you want.

In Amway, all you get us a small rebate or discount, which means that the seller has given you a break on the price. You haven't "gained" anything. You can't chalk anything up as a "profit" on such a deal.

These people in Amway are completely ignorant of basic mathematics.