Friday, May 22, 2020

What Retirement?

As states open up their economies during the covid 19 pandemic, life is going to start to resemble a world we once knew.  It might be a while before large gatherings are allowed so the diamonds might continue to fleece their down line by charging full price for online functions that are full of mostly useless advice.  Sadly many down line will wind up sacrificing money they can’t afford because their upline diamond said they should.

But I ask an honest question.  With all the head aches brought on by covid 19 restrictions, diamond continue to work and recruit new IBOS.  It made me wonder why none of the illustrious diamonds have exercised their right to walk away from their business to enjoy a peaceful and quiet life of retirement with barrels of cash flowing forever?  Many of the diamonds I saw at one time are close to or in their 60’s.   Isn’t the idea of residual income sold by the diamonds?  If they in fact have loads of residual income, why would they continue to remain busy running from function to function when they could kick back and enjoy life?

Let me offer a their that will be unpopular with IBOS.  The diamonds live check to check like many other people and unless they have created wealth by investing in things other than Amway, they are possibly in debt trying to show off the diamond lifestyle.  I recall hearing a diamond at a function I attended discourage people from investing in the stock market because it was like gambling. Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you are day trading, then that might be like gambling but investing in a solid company like Apple for example is a safe investment in the long run.

I find it humorous that diamonds sell Amway by claiming that it’s a ticket to early retirement but in fact, I don’t know of any diamonds who actually retired on Amway income.  What I did see was crown ambassadors dying on the job and some diamonds quitting or resigning from Amway.  So I ask again:  What retirement?

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Anonymous said...

If Diamonds in Amway "retired," their down-lines would quickly collapse from lack of new recruits, and the Diamonds would be without a steady income from tools and function fees.

That's why Diamonds are still desperately working in their 60s and 70s. It's not to "help others," as the bullshit-spouters tell you. It's to pay the bills.