Wednesday, May 27, 2020

It’s That Simple?

My blog has gotten a number of comments about various Amway groups such as WWDB, LTD, etc, conducting online functions.  Of course, despite the lower cost of running an online function, upline diamonds appear to be charging regular prices fir these online functions. But let’s face it, with social distancing and the need to stay away from interacting with people, the Amway business virtually comes to a stand still.  But diamonds apparently need to continue to fleece their down line to uphold their diamond lifestyles, which might be a struggle right now.

So fir IBOS and prospects, Joecool will offer you some tips about your Amway business completely free of charge.  Personally I feel that Amway sucks as a business opportunity but if you must proceed I will give you free advice.

Don’t spend money you don’t have on Amway stuff and Amway training.  If your business doesn’t profit enough to pay for your functions and standing orders, then don’t participate until your business can at least support itself .  That will prevent you from piling up debt. If you can make enough profit without the Amway education, perhaps you don’t need Amway education.

Amway is about selling stuff, buying stuff and trying to recruit down line.  It’s really that simple.  Nothing more and nothing less.  While your upline has and endless supply of training and (paid) advice for you, it still boils down to your ability to buy, sell and sponsor.  It’s really that simple whether you fully understand it or not.

The Amway business is just a front for upline diamonds to sell tools and functions to IBOS and prospects.  Much like the Italian restaurant is a front for the Mob in movies and TV shows.  Because the Amway business is really that simple.  Your upline wants you to think you need extensive and never ending training because that’s their bread and butter.  You can take that to the bank.   😃


Anonymous said...

I am curious to know what different organizations are doing since they can't hold their in-person hotel ballroom recruitment meetings on a weekly basis while charging existing IBOs $5 a week or more to hold them.

I was in URA until about two and a half years ago so I wouldn't be surprised if they charged IBOs the same amount to continue the meetings albeit virtually.

Also, I would love to know what they have done with the $15 "seminars" which are generally held after Spring Leadership and before Winter Conference in local high school auditoriums. Are these being held virtually at the same price?

And how about the major conferences? Typically, they run about $93 a ticket (which is "cheap" by AMO standards). Are these conferences still being held? I am curious to see if they are and how they are being done virtually (I guess via Zoom).

We all know that Amway is just a massive money grab; and knowing some of the personalities of the URA "Leaders", they have had to be sweating bullets over the last several months with Downline PV falling and; more-so, with the event money drying up.

And plus, I know the son-in-law of the organization's top person has to be concerned (even though his massive ego won't allow him to show weakness) since he purchased a massive property in Florida sometime in 2019. And without the primary source of income (tools, CDs, memberships, events) coming in or drastically reduced, I would think that he has to be concerned.

I would love to know the details if anyone else knows them. I stayed on membership during 2019 despite never attending any functions (only did it so I could buy my mom detergent) after being involved from 2015 to early 2018.

Thanks for the blog! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The LTD organization in my town holds weekly Zoom meetings and charges $2 for each. The in-person meetings were $5 that they claimed paid for the meeting room. Since the Zoom meetings cost nothing, the uplines are still getting $2 for each person joining the Zoom. And they are charging $115 each for a virtual conference this weekend. The uplines are also urging people to use LinkedIn to prey on more victims since they can't be out and about doing their thing.