Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Buy From Yourself Nonsense?

One of the biggest crocks taught by upline was the buy from yourself nonsense.  Be your own best customer.   Buy from yourself at full retail and use the profits to pay for your tools and functions is the BS that was taught.  Think about it, if you buy from yourself, the biggest profit goes to Amway and your upline.  You get nothing unless you meet the minimum PV level and even if you pay yourself full retail, the money in your business account cake from your own pocket.

Upline fools you into thinking you are a business owner when in reality you are simple a customer of Amway and possibly your upline.  Have you ever heard of someone making millions using a cash back credit card which is similar to the concept that upline uses where you buy what you need and get a rebate from Amway.  While it sounds ridiculous, this is what upline is schlepping on their IBOS and ssdly, many new IBOS fall for it.

Unless you sell a lot of products to people who are not IBOS, all you are doing is making money from your down line, if you even make a profit after paying for tools and functions.  Think about this concept carefully.  If you could buy your way to prosperity. You could simply buy 15,000 PV yourself and instantly become a ruby.  However, that much PV would cost nearly $50,000 dollars and your bonus money would not even cover half of cost of the PV you purchased.

So if your upline advises this concept, you should ask tough questions and demand answers or runaway from them as fast as you can.  Do the math.  I urge IBOS and prospects to heed this warning because uplines are also hurting in a tough economy but they have you as their downline to exploit fir income.  Beware!   😎

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Anonymous said...

No business is viable unless it sells its products (at a profit) to OUTSIDE CUSTOMERS WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR THEM.

Amway is one long and torturous attempt to deny this simple truth. It claims that you can make a profit while not actually selling any Amway products at all. The only thing you need to do is self-consume, and recruit long lines of other jerks who'll be bamboozled into doing the same.

I'd like to hear those lying scum in the Amway Corporation of Ada, Michigan answer this question, without evasions or doubletalk: How well would Amway products sell if they were on the shelves in brick-and-mortar stores, against competing products?

Answer the question without any bullshit about "prosuming" or "helping others" or "leadership" or "residual income."