Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Amway And Charity?

I recall sitting in the audience when the diamond would talk about how they have the ability to help charity and give $10,000 checks to help charity.  I’ve seen some diamonds take photo ops when they went to help our at a charity but it wasn’t made clear how often they help or how much they donate.  The idea was to go diamond so you have the option of giving your time and money.

But the Amway business is about constantly recruiting downline and that includes the diamonds.  The diamonds may not have a 9-5 job but their schedule is quite busy going to meetings and function, counseling down line and motivating up and coming promising IBOs.  I’m pretty sure the diamonds do not have the freedom that they portray.  They are busy because Amway is a high maintenance business demanding constant attention.

And with the busyness, you have to wonder how much time they can devote to helping out with charities and how much they can give.  I’ve seen diamonds flash a $10,000 bonus check but I’ve never seen a picture of a diamond forking over $10,000 or more.  In fact a triple diamond filed chapter 7 bankruptcy about 10 years ago, thus his financials became public record.  While I don’t have copies now, that diamond had zero charitable contributions on their tax returns.

So do diamonds help with charity and make generous donations?  I’m not sure but based on what I’ve seen, I believe that diamonds are too busy to help charity on a regular basis and who knows if and how much they can afford to give?  But if they are like many Americans living in debt, I doubt that their donations are as big as they want you to believe.


Anonymous said...

In my country, they also donate, but again, it is a rip off. They never donate money, only Amway products. When they donate Amway goods, uplines get their commision and make their PV, because it is goods bought by whole downline group. Ingenious way for uplines how to make money and assure their positions in the pyramid and get a bit of much needed positive publicity.

Anonymous said...

Amway "Diamonds" don't give $10,000 checks to charity. That's complete and total bullshit. The main thing these half-assed Diamonds do is try desperately to stay in qualification. And Joe Cool is quite right: Amway is "a high maintenance business demanding constant attention."

There is no vacation walking the beaches of the world in Amway.