Sunday, June 14, 2020

Fruit On The Tree?

When I was an IBO, a buzz phrase was how our diamonds had a lot of fruit on the tree.  In other words there were some new diamonds, Amway was growing and there seemed to be a lot of momentum in the World Wide organization at the time.  So as a prospect, to see growth and excitement made Amway enticing at the time.  After all, if the business was growing, perhaps achieving something seemed very possible.

But at the time there were many things I didn’t know about Amway such as the fact that once you achieve diamond, you keep the recognition forever even if your group eventually disappears.  If course you don’t earn the diamond bonuses without being qualified but it is possible to earn a decent income from speaking at functions and selling audios, and charging fir recruitment meetings, etc.

Now I’m not that well connected to Amway people anymore so I’m not in constant contact with IBOs anymore but I’m really not aware of many or any new diamonds.  Sure there might be some here and there but you mostly see the same old long tine diamonds still milking the down line for tools and functions income.   I know that the diamonds will state that there are many new platinums which is a sign of growth.

But wait a minute, Amway sales and revenue was sliding backward and us mostly stagnant right now.   That means there can’t be hoards of new platinums unless the previously qualified platinums no longer qualify.  The numbers don’t lie.   So if there aren’t a lot of new “net” platinums, meaning in addition to last years new platinums, what w you have is a churn of new ones with last years platinums no longer qualified.  Thus we can conclude that with no new net platinums, it is unlikely that there are many new diamonds.

So where is the fruit on the tree?  It appears that the tree is barren and withering.  If you are in IBO and have been one for a while, have you seen new diamonds at functions or just the same old same old?   There’s little to no fruit on that tree.

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Anonymous said...

Some persons in Amway struggle for years to reach the Platinum level, and they they suddenly realize that with expenses they really aren't making much money at all. Rather than spending another ten years struggling, they wisely quit.