Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Greatest Showman?

Since I’m still at home often due to covid 19, I’ve been watching TV and movies quite often.  I recently saw The Greatest Showman.   I saw it at the theatre but saw it again and the title inspired me to write this blog post.  While the actual movie isn’t really related to this post, the title is.  And in reality, the diamonds are the greatest showmen.

They take a five and dime soap/vitamin business and get people to think it’s a multi million dollar business that they can easily transform into lifelong untold wealth in 2-5 years but also stressing that it’s not a get rich scheme.  When you stop and think about it carefully, virtually no business is going to deliver you lifelong wealth in 2-5 years, let alone an Amway business.  The real business of the diamonds is selling an endless supply of audios, books, functions and voicemail.   In my informed opinion, that is where the diamonds get their lifelong source of income as long as they can attend and speak at functions.  Yes it’s not a 9-5 job but they need to be somewhere at a particular time for money.

The fact that diamonds have been able to perpetuate this scam for decades makes them great showmen.  I was fooled for a while as an IBO myself but after a number of months I saw thru it.  I didn’t see it right away because I was an up and comer who got “special” time with the diamond.  Soon after my upline really tried to squeeze the life out of me and I snapped out of the Amway trance and quit.  I had achieved the 4000 PV level so I was above average in the business.  But looking back I realize that the functions were just a dog and pony show to entice and inspire IBOS and recruits.

Now the diamonds are making even more profit as they charge full price for an online function.  The greatest showman indeed.  🙄


Anonymous said...

My spy at WWDB tells me that many of the so-called "Diamonds" who appear at the various functions are actually fakes. Some are persons who made it to Diamond once many years ago, and have long since fallen out of qualification. Others are just up-line associates who are good at putting on what you call "a dog and pony show." For a fee, and a cut of the take, they and their wives come up on stage and do the usual rags-to-riches story.

These fake WWDB "diamonds" are in fact nothing but zircons.

Anonymous said...

The show is so well rehearsed. Everyone has a "story" meant to draw you in to say if he/she can do it so can I. In most cases you can't because the odds are so stacked against you.