Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Once Upon A Time?

“And they lived happily ever after”.   That’s the cute ending in many fairy tales and children’s stories.  And that’s what the diamonds want you to believe, that they go diamond, take up residency on easy street and walk the beaches of the world while cash flows in.  Based on my experience and observations, nothing could be further from the truth.  Can anyone actually name a diamond who dud this?

Once you achieve diamond in Amway, you get the diamond pin and possibly recognition forever.  Of course you only get the diamond bonus and free trips if you continue to qualify.  But the fact remains that many many platinums are unable to remain qualified because of attrition.  And if platinums don’t requalify, then diamonds can just as easily fall out of qualification.  Not many diamonds have extra platinums to spare.

My former diamond fell out of qualification although I heard he later did requalify.  But in speaking to an IBO privately, none of the platinums he originally qualified with were currently qualified and most were not even in Amway anymore.  Does this sound like financial security to you?  More likely diamonds have rough patches where people quit and they have to sweat things out until they can recruit more suckers to keep them afloat.

I urge people to review and analyze the diamonds with a critical eye.  Their lives are not fairy tales as they would have you believe.  They might not work 9-5 but I guarantee you that they put in a lot of time to maintain their business.  Also, the majority of a diamonds income comes in the form of an annual bonus. Thus a diamond income might actually be quite small.  An average non Q 12 diamond earns less than 200k from Amway and that’s gross income, no fringe benefits and no retirement plan.

Diamonds in my opinion do not go diamond and live happily ever after.

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Experienced Emerald said...

My upline diamond from Mesa Arizona was a phony. He actually sponsored himself in Mexico as a separate corporation. He was his own 6th leg. The interesting thing is my friend was actually at the top of the Mexico leg. He confirmed to me that the highest he ever hit was 4000PV. Yet, the leg was 7500 by the time each of the 6 qualifying months ended. So basically they were a diamond 1 day. They never received a diamond bonus because they had only 5 in market legs. For the next 15 years they profited off tools, Cd's and functions. Their kids developed their own tools and of course eventually the whole thing fell apart. They are not even qualified platinums today. It's sad how many people were ripped off by them.