Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Doomed To Failure?

It’s no secret that the vast majority of IBOs wind up with a net business loss and eventually quit the business because they see no chance of turning a profit. But a valid question might be why so many IBOs fail?  The answer is quite simple.  There are too many handicaps and problems with the Amway  business for people to overcome.   While many Amway IBOs might be motivated and eager, they simply cannot overcome the staggering odds.

First off the Amway business has a poor reputation.  Many people are turned off simply by the name. It makes it next to impossible to recruit and entice potential recruits. And you can’t build an Amway empire without down line.  That is the focus of most starry eyed Amway recruits, to sponsor as many down line as possible.   Sadly, most IBOs will never sponsor a single downline.

Another aspect is that the upline diamond makes their living off down line.  Any help received from the diamond has a cost to the down line.  Standing orders, functions, meetings, books, voice nail.  This system extracts cash from IBOS monthly which is most often the reason why IBOS suffer net losses in the business. The system is also inefficient which is evident by the massive amounts of failure seen in Amway.

But another big reason is that Amway products are basically generic like a plain whits can with the label of “pepper” on it.  But the Amway products come at premium prices as if they are designer types of products.  This alone is a massive handicap.  Imagine trying to sell a Ford Escort for the sane price as a Mercedes Benz?   I suppose it’s possible but it explains the general idea that IBOs appear to consume their own products instead of selling them to actual customers.

For these reasons and many more that I haven’t touched on yet, Amway IBOS are doomed to failure. It’s no surprise and quite predictable.  It would be more surprising to see IBOS actually succeeding.  LOL


Anonymous said...

In the distant past, some persons actually made money from Amway by selling products to their friends and neighbors.

I recall Van Andel and DeVos in 1970 making a big deal about some kid in Florida who had not yet reached the age of eighteen, and who therefore could not legally sponsor a down-line. But the kid went around his locality door to door, selling Amway products, and earned cash that way.

This worked for two reasons: First, he lived in a very small rural community, where many people didn't care to drive far to buy stuff. And second, there were many people who were friendly with this kid and his family, and he had built up a nice relationship with his customers. That's why he was successful.

That situation was ideal -- the kid simply made a profit on his mark-up, and he didn't have to worry about building a down-line. As long as he had non-Amway retail customers, he was doing fine.

Today, the arrogant creeps in the various AMO subsystems have nothing but contempt for that way of doing business. They laugh in your face if you ask about retail to outsiders. They call you stupid if you actually try to sell Amway products. They scream "It's all about RECRUITMENT!" Or else they tell you that all you need to do is eat one energy bar and drink one energy drink per day, and convince other people to do the same. Some upper-level pins even brag that they haven't touched an Amway product in years, and that all their money comes from down-line PV and the sale of motivational "tools."

This is why Amway is a fake business. It isn't about producing products to fill a demand. It's about churning thousands of persons through an endless cycle of recruitment, temporary enthusiasm, and failure.

Anonymous said...

Amway is pure poison.