Sunday, June 21, 2020

My Upline Cares About Me?

One common thing that Amway IBOs believe is that their upline has some deep rooted love and caring for them.  I suppose they might care about you while you supply them with in one month after month.  But miss a few meetings or functions and see how much love and caring they show.  My diamond used to say that someone who misses meetings and functions hasn’t held up their end and therefore responsible for the friendship ending.

Basically your upline is a conditional friend.  They will befriend you as long as you help pay for their diamond lifestyle by attending all functions and buying their educational materials.  But friends typically hang out together.  Do you hang out with the diamond or must you earn that time by competing in some contest to sell or consume the most goods and/or tools?  I recall our group once had a function for IBOs at 1000 PV or higher and one person and his spouse attended even though they had no down line.  Turns out they bought 1000 PV worth of Amway stuff so they could attend.

As you can probably tell, this Amway upline downline relationship is sort of like unrequited love.  One person will do almost anything for the attention and/or affections of someone but the other person doesn’t reciprocate because they don’t care.  Oh, they will toss you a crumb now and then if you keep on loyally buying tools and functions but if you go missing, they won’t blink an eye.  They might even refer to you as a quitter or loser once you’re no longer around.

Meanwhile hoards to people come and go. There is little actual success to speak of because the system is inefficient and requires the churn of new people coming and going because there are so few people who last more than a few months or a few years. And that’s expected when the vast majority of IBOs operate at a net loss. Your upline just tosses you some platitudes to try to keep you motivated because they know they ate sustained by large groups of faithful but unsuccessful IBOs.

Don’t believe me?  Go analyze your profit and loss statement.  If you claim you made a profit, congratulations are in order, you are in the top fraction of 1% of Amway IBOs who make a net profit.  The rest suffer losses until they snap our of their Amway trance and quit.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Joe Cool, the relationship of IBO and Diamond is not at all like unrequited love. It's much more like the relationship of a paying client and a prostitute.

As long as the client keeps on paying the prostitute, she will be friendly and loving and compliant. It's all an act, of course, but the client doesn't mind as long as he is sexually satisfied. A big part of the prostitute's success at her job depends on keeping her customers happy, so that they will continue to come back and see her.

Th IBO is like the client, paying money to a prostitute (his Diamond) in the hope of financial satisfaction. The Diamond pretends to like the IBO, so as to keep him on the hook. The IBO never gets any real satisfaction, and if he stops paying money the Diamond will cease being friendly.

The big difference is this: in the client-prostitute relationship both parties are getting what they want. He gets the sex, and she gets the money. But in the Amway relationship, in 99 percent of the time the IBO never gets the financial satisfaction that he's been promised, while the Diamond ALWAYS gets paid.

Look at it in this simple way:

In prostitution: Whore gets paid, guy gets laid.

In the Amway scheme: Diamond gets paid, IBO gets fucked.

Anonymous said...

lol this is probably the most insidious thing about Amway...its sad, and kinda gross.