Monday, June 1, 2020

Sorry, It Doesn’t Add Up?

As local economies begin to open up a bit from the covid 19 pandemic, it looks like upline diamonds are going about their business but instead of in person functions, they have switched to online or streaming functions and meetings.  It got me to thinking that these online functions are basically cost free for upline and since they are wealthy from Amway residual income, why do they need to charge full price for functions.

After all, doesn’t upline say they have your best interest at heart and they want your success?  But despite their desire for your success, they can’t offer a free function which would help you succeed?  Especially since online functions probably have little or no cost to operate.  Wouldn’t upline want to give away that information since it would ultimately result in more income to the upline diamonds?

To me it’s obvious and clear why upline will not run an online function free of charge or at a greatly reduced price.  It’s because the functions and other educational materials they sell is their Amway business that likely supplies them with a very significant portion of their income.  If you really do the math and look at how much a diamond can earn, it’s not an income that can sustain a duMond lifestyle without the income from tools and functions.

Do the math, you’d income and expenses as an IBO doesn’t add up.  Spend about $300 to buy Amway products to reach your 100 PV defacto quota. Then you spend another couple hundred dollars per month fir tools and functions.   If you have no down line, you probably get $10 or so from Amway.  That is typical for many.  If you do the math, that is a net loss of income.  Even if you have some down line, you still have losses.  You will always have losses until you sponsor an army if downline who will incur the losses for you.

Do the math, the Amway business doesn’t add up unless you have an army of down line.  Most IBOs never sponsor a down line.  Please process what I’m saying and you’ll see that Amway just doesn’t add up.

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Anonymous said...

People in Amway can't do simple math. If they could, they wouldn't be in Amway.