Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Amway Creates Millionaires?

I had a great LOL in that my recent post “Blatant Upline Lies” elicited a comment that up until 1998, Amway had created more millionaires than all other business combined,   It was ironic that this blatant lie appeared appropriately in that thread.  I’m pretty sure Wall Street has created more millionaires than Amway hands down.   Amway IBOs and recruits assume that all of the diamonds are millionaires but they fail to see how a diamond lifestyle can be expensive to upkeep and diamonds may indeed be living in debt or check to check like many in the US.

We know that the owners of Amway have done well, being listed as billionaires.  But how would anyone know who might be a millionaire in Amway.  The diamonds don’t release their financial details and would likely tell you it’s none of your business if you asked for business related financials.  So many indoctrinated IBOs and Amway apologists assume that diamonds are wealthy beyond belief but the fact remains that nobody really knows.  Now I don’t think that there aren’t any millionaires in Amway but to think Amway created more millionaires that all other business combined up through 1998 is hogwash.  Microsoft corporation itself probably created more millionaires than Amway during the same time frame if you count stock holders of which I am one.

Some years ago I was curious so I emailed a local hotel to ask how many diamonds were in attendance at diamond club when they were in Hawaii for that event.   While I no longer have the email. I was told that 160 people were in attendance.  That 160 included wives and kids.  But hey, let’s assume they are all millionaires.  160 millionaires plus maybe a few who could not attend is more millionaires than all business combined through 1998?  Seriously?  Diamonds must teach these lies and sadly, prospects and IBOS believe it.

If the diamonds want to tell lies to strengthen their case for Amway, you’d think they could come up with a better story.  Anyone ever wonder why there is seemingly a huge lack of Amway retirees as diamonds are forever in terms of working.  They apparently work until they drop although they pitch early retirement as an enticement for people to join which I find humorous and ironic.  😎


Anonymous said...

That asshole Dexter Yager used to scream at his Amway functions: "This is the biggest gathering of future millionaires that I've ever seen!"

He never mentioned that 99% of Amway IBOs never make a dime of profit. And that's published (in fine print) in the official Amway promotional literature.

Bobby P. said...

Hi, thanks for putting this blog together.

I was one of those guys who basically begged a guy (who became my sponsor) to let me in on this opportunity. I was really taken in by it to be honest.

I am in total agreement with you that the organization (especially the old Bill Britt one) basically lies to its recruits. The upline "Emerald" in my organization gave the impression (purposely) that he was "free" from having a job and paid cash for his house and his nice Mercedes vehicle. It turned out that he was a real estate agent and worked from home which in the mid-90's was rare. He had a mortgage on his home and he had bought the Mercedes used (it was a bit of an older model). I will say though, this guy (who I believe eventually became a Diamond distributor) was a really great guy for the most part. He and his wife were very charming. I do check up on him every few years and I've found he still works in real estate to some degree. Nothing wrong with that at all. It would be wrong to say the guy is not a success but most of the claims that were made about him and by him simply weren't true.

My sponsor did very well initially -- almost too well. I think there was a story that the first 10 people he showed the plan to joined though almost all of them dropped out by the time I had decided I was finished with it. At that time, my wife and I had separated but I don't blame Amway for that really. My sponsor currently works in sales I believe. He has done well but he's not in Amway anymore. He was kind of a religious person who had some bizarre beliefs but overall he was a good guy. I think he just wanted to be free of a job. I guess that's the ultimate fantasy of men. The truth is though, you will always have a job of sorts even if you're already independently wealth.

To be honest, I really don't have an axe to grind because without having gone through this, I would never have left my warehouse job and gotten into bigger and better things. Their so-called motivational tools and recommendations turned me on to other ideas that eventually led me to where I am now. I have to be honest, some of the motivational things I learned from that time still help me today. I just do other kind of work (engineering rather than sales). I've been able to make all of the money and have all of the material success that I could ever want. I am just thankful that I didn't become successful in an organization that would have collapsed in on itself. My wife and I live very simply and in that manner, if you make six figures even these days, you have so much more than you could ever need. I am grateful for my time spent in Amway. I learned a lot from it. It has kept me out of getting suckered into many "opportunities" that have come along ever since. I count it (like all other things in life) as a learning opportunity.

So, I'm not telling anyone to not join or participate in this arena. I would say if you really want to do it, give it a shot. It may be what you're after and you will likely learn a lot of things about human nature. It is up to you if you want to be unethical. I'm not going to try to tell you how to do anything because I realize everyone ultimately decides for themselves and has to live to with the consequences. I'm also not sure that this business can be done ethically and successfully to make the kind of money people in this business talk about. You really cannot make a living simply selling their products. They're way overpriced and they have to be. The only way people reach these high level distributorships is to recruit its customers as fellow IBOs. It seems the vast majority has to lie to recruit people into it. As such, my conscience would not allow me to be a part of that for long. Thanks for letting me share here.

Selina Mary said...

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Anonymous said...

You're living in a dream world, Selina Mary.