Friday, July 17, 2020

Failure By Design?

While new and active Amway IBOS May disagree with me, I have the experience of being a fairly high level IBO and understanding what it takes to build an Amway business.  It’s no secret that the vast majority of Amway IBOS fail in Amway.  Amway defenders like to cite many reasons for that failure but they don’t point out the obvious.  They claim a lack of dedication to the system and not doing as they were taught.

But how can do many “sharp” people, Amway recruiters words, not mine,  fail at such a high rate?  It is my conclusion that so many people fail by design rather than any other reason.  If you look at it objectively, you can easily discern that people fail because it’s by the Amway business model design. The Amway model tries to sell generic based products for premium prices.  That is a system designed for failure.

When you add in the “system” of tools and functions, it’s nearly impossible to build a profitable Amway business without recruiting a massive down line who will be able to sustain your business.  So how else can a business be built?  It’s apparent that Amway can only be built on lies that allow new recruits to get sucked into the system.

Can Amway be built on the truth that the vast majority of people who enter the Amway world will fail, mostly from the costs of tools and functions?  Do the down lines know that a significant income for diamonds are from tools and functions?

In any case, must Amway IBOS fail, not because they didn’t try hard enough or because they they don’t put forth effort.  They fail because the Amway system is designed that way.  It’s not possible in a group of “system” IBOS to profit because the system will exceed the bonuses that Amway pays out to the group as a whole.  Don’t believe me?  Do the math.   😃

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Anonymous said...

Yes -- absolutely correct. Failure in Amway is failure by design, not failure by misunderstanding the business or not running it properly. The structure of the Amway "plan" depends upon a large number of IBOs being in the business temporarily (a few months or years), paying endless fees and buying huge quantities of Amway products. When they leave, they must be replaced by new recruits who will do the same.

This is what is privately called "the churn" by Amway operators. You get some enthusiastic recruits, and perhaps they manage to get a small down-line, and for short period they are sending cash up-line to you. As these new IBOs lose interest and disappear, the up-line is working furiously to hook more recruits for the same purpose. And this "churn" goes on endlessly, in a cycle of 99% failure and one percent profit. It's all part of the plan.

Naturally, the only things that can keep the racket going are the basic ignorance of new recruits, and an artificially pumped-up enthusiasm. Therefore your job as up-line is to keep your IBOs in the dark as much as possible about what's really happening, and (more important) keep them in a state of wild excitement and expectation. That's the real reason why so much emphasis is placed in getting IBOs to attend all "functions."

This is also why it is an article of faith in Amway, and constantly repeated, that if you fail in the business "it is completely your own fault." If they were to admit any other possibilities, the truth of "failure by design" would become apparent.