Sunday, July 5, 2020

Blatant Upline Lies?

When you break down some of the teaching by the upline diamonds, you can see through what looks like blatant lies to me.  I won’t go into all of them but I’ll focus on some common ones that I sat through as an IBO and I have reason to believe that little has changed over the years.  The narrative rarely changes for the upline.  Their focus is to wring out as much cash from down line as they can while pretending to truly care about you.  Try missing a few meetings and functions and see how much love comes your way.

Lie#1:  upline says we make pennies only after you make dollars.  When an IBO earns a bonus, day from generating 100 PV, they qualify for about a $10 bonus.  What they don’t see is that their efforts generated about $90 to $100 dollars but the IBO who did the work gets only a small portion of the bonus while layers of upline enjoy the rest.  Also, IBOS who attend functions are helping the diamond to earn serious dollars as the tools and functions are a significant source of income for diamonds.  They make dollars off your personal use and any sales you have plus they make a nice profit from your attendance and participation in their system.

Lie#2:  upline says they have your best interest at heart?  Really, so do these “mentors” spend individual time to asses and help IBOS or is the help in the form of an audio that was purchased or a function that was attended?  Or a meeting that the IBO paid to attend?   How can they have your best interest at heart if you must pay for every bit of advice regardless of whether the advice works or not?   It sounds like diamonds have their own best interest at heart.

Lie#3:  it’s a level playing field, everyone starts at zero.  Well, no.  Rank and file IBOs do not participate in tool profits.   That gives upline a huge advantage in making profits.  Also, IBOs can’t innovate and sell products to retail outlets or advertise without special permission from Amway.  These are business inhibitors that Amway imposes on IBOS.   That leaves most with personal consumption and selling a few things to sympathetic friends and family.  How many real businesses can profit in this manner?

These are just a few of the common lies I’ve seen. Perhaps a part 2 or 3 is in order for a future post.  Food for thought, if your upline cared about your success and well being, why charge you for a Zoom meeting when they would benefit from the advice they give you?  Zoom is free and if they want your success, why not make a cost free meeting free for IBOS?  After you read this post, you probably know why.   😎


Anonymous said...

The biggest lie of all in Amway is that you can live by bleeding your down-line IBOs of cash, but you can simultaneously pretend that you are acting in a "biblical" manner, and that you are a "good Christian."

This is the deepest fraud of Amway -- running a corrupt pyramid scheme that impoverishes most rank-and-file IBOs, but also being a psalm-singing hypocrite in "The Amway Christian Fellowship."

Divorce is "un-biblical." Except for fat-assed Diamonds who are tired of their wives, or when you're insisting that some lowly IBO get rid of his uncooperative spouse.

Greed is "un-biblical." Except when you're squeezing every penny out of some poor IBO for CommuniKate and for useless tools.

Lying is "un-biblical." Except when you're spreading bullshit about residual income, and how no one in up-line profits from function fees.

Amway is so corrupt and swollen with lies and deceit that I'm amazed it doesn't explode.

Harry said...

You obviously don’t understand how network marketing works. Perhaps your up line didn’t mentor you properly in the importance signing others up and mentoring them all to do the same thing you were supposed to be doing? Either way, your article is interesting, but it betrays your ignorance (simply not knowing) of the world of network marketing. From their inception thru 1998, Amway was responsible for making more millionaires in America than all other businesses combined, and after the lawsuit w/Canada over international tax issues, it was determined that Amways business plan was so precisely Phenomenal that, ALL OTHER Network marketing opportunities in America, when questions arose as to the veracity of their business plans, the courts in U.S. would compare the business plan in question with Amway’s business plan, in order to determine whether the business plan in question was legit.

Things may have changed since then (circa 1993-1998), but No matter one’s opinion of Amway and it’s distributors, Amway is one of the most solid, legitimate business opportunities in the History of our nation ��


Anonymous said...

To Harry --

We know EXACTLY how network marketing works. If you have followed this website for any length of time, and read the scores of postings made here and the commentary that has followed those postings, you certainly know that we are well aware of the fraud of network marketing, particularly in the creaky manifestation of it called "Amway."

As a minor point: if Amway's business "Plan" is so "phenomenal," why are other MLMs with better compensation arrangements sprouting up everywhere? And why has Amway reported a straight decline in revenue for three years (and soon four) in a row?

Moreover, your words reveal what the real secret is of Amway and all MLMs -- the idea of "recruitment" of down-line. You speak of "the importance of signing others up and mentoring them to do all the same thing you were supposed to be doing." How interesting that you mention NOTHING AT ALL about selling Amway products at retail to non-Amway customers. Everything in Amway is focused with laser-like sharpness on signing up more IBOs, and bleeding them dry of money every month for fees and tools and endless expenses.

And finally -- if you're such a big lover of Amway, how about telling us how much money you personally have made (or lost) in the scheme? And also tell us just why you are visiting an anti-Amway website. What brings you here?

We're waiting for your answers, Harry.

Anonymous said...

Sound of crickets chirping...

It looks like Harry doesn't know what to say.

Anonymous said...

My family was involved in AMWAY back in the early 80's and it is such a dark chapter in our family history I have largely blocked it out. This cult has played a large role in the indoctrination of millions of people over the decades in an empty prosperity gospel and anti-intellectualism that has a direct connection to our current political environment.
There is a direct connection between the politics and fascism of the Republican party and AMWAY.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:12 A.M. - the direct connection between the republican party and amway is that the devos and van andel families are major donors to the republican party!!