Sunday, July 26, 2020

Never Ever Quit?

One of the battle cries used by upline is for Amway IBOS to never quit.  They’ll say success could be right around the corner and they might tell you a story of how a (now) diamond was on the verge of quitting Amway but decided not to and went on to capture the level of diamond.  They might even tell you how a top athlete like Michael Jordan would never quit and would wind prevailing because they kept going when things are tough.

But this is business, not a basket ball game.   The diamond more than likely didn’t analyze the business situation of the IBOs that he or she is encouraging to keep on going.  Thus these IBOS may have no chance of turning a profit but they are still encouraged to keep forging ahead because the diamonds apparently like to give self serving advice.  Thus IBOS keep going and they keep spending on tools and functions.  And that’s the most likely reason why diamonds want you to keep going.  They earn nice profits from your consumption of Amway good plus they earn nice profits from your purchase of tools and functions.

They might say they want your success but that’s just talk.  Think about this.  If you end up reaching a higher level, you eventually might reach a point where the diamond must cut you in on the tool and function profits.  It’s better for the diamonds to just replace the people who quit with new recruits.  That way the profits from tools and functions keep flowing.  That’s why they’ll teach the masses to never quit.  The longer people stay, the longer the tool profits keep flowing.  I suspect that covid 19 has dampened the IBO’s ability to recruit new members thus the diamonds may be hurting financially  right now.

So while IBOS think the diamonds are inspiring them to higher levels, what they are really doing is just getting IBOs to stock around long enough so they can wring out profits from them.  That’s why this advice is given generically without any analysis of the IBOs business.  The facts is that sometimes quitting Amway is the smartest and best possible decision.  It doesn’t mean you have quit trying to earn more fir a better life.  It just means you may want to look at other more efficient means of achieving what you want.

The term quitter or loser is just to apply peer pressure to shame people into staying in the business.  The real losers are those who keep staying in the business despite a consistent record of net business losses month after month which us the vast majority of Amway IBOS participating in tools and functions.

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Anonymous said...

The crucial component in Amway (and all MLMs) is constant and unending RECRUITMENT of new IBOs. Sales of products? Forget it. The sale of products at retail to non-Amway members is nothing but a joke, as all big pins in Amway will admit to you privately.

And yes, your up-line doesn't want you to be TOO successful. If you make enough to reach a certain level, or to break off on your own, he loses income. Better to have you stay on for a few months or a year and then quit, so that he can replace you with other IBOs who are still fired up and enthusiastic.

Advice to all persons thinking of signing up in the Amway racket: DON'T DO IT. Just open up a lemonade stand on your front lawn, or even better, dress up in ragged clothes and beg for change at a busy intersection. I'm not kidding -- you'll make more money that way than you will make in a full year in the Amway con-game of meetings, functions, tools, CommuniKate, miscellaneous fees, and the kissing of your up-line's ass.