Sunday, July 19, 2020

Amway IBOS In A Covid 19 World?

I serious wonder how Amway IBOs are faring in a covid 19 world.  Amway has for the most part, been a person to person, personal business.  There are restrictions on social activities and even meeting people in person has parameters such as 6 feet of distance between people to try and prevent the spread of the virus.  I’m sure it must have hampered the ability of IBOs to recruit others.  In fact, how can you sell stuff under these conditions?  Amway doesn’t allow IBOs to market their products like EBay or Amazon so sales of products must also be a problem.

Of course the diamonds don’t want to lose out on their income so even in a business inhibiting environment, some are charging full price for zoom or other online meetings, some have offered some discounts but the diamonds are still exploiting downlines even during a time when IBOs are not able to run their businesses as designed.  Sone things never change.

I don’t know but I’m curious about what kind of theme the teaching has taken on.  If anyone knows more, please feel free to post it in the comments.  But how do you build a person to person business in a world where people to people contact is generally not allowed?  Maybe the diamonds are pushing more audios and standing orders.

I’m curious about what pitch IBOs are using in recruiting now?  I recall so many different ideas that were tried in the past.  One was called private franchising.  Another theme was the buy from yourself theme.  Both were not effective but amazingly the IBOs stuck to the game plan.  It’s amazing how the diamonds drift from one theme to another and the IBOs follow like mice chasing the pied piper.   The system methods have never really worked but the diamonds are able to earn some bank by selling their ineffective Amway methods.

It seems that covid has really stymied the Amway business but the diamonds are still creative enough to keep taking advantage of the down line because that’s the real business of the Amway diamonds, exploiting down lines.


Anonymous said...

My spy at WWDB tells me that business is off there by 40%. I can only assume that the same is true for all of the other AMO subsystems.

JimLahey said...

I was an attempted Amway victim recently. I saw the red flags, but decided to watch a so called zoom meeting, which obviously wasn’t a meeting at all. It was Trevor Baker blathering, and insisting that the big conference was happening on August 12. And one soon after.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the standard con-games in Amway. They never tell you everything at once, but keep on insisting that you have to attend "the next big conference."