Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Bait And Switch?

One of the reasons why people get into business is to make a few extra bucks or to earn an extra source of income.  It sounds like a great idea and it makes sense at least on the surface.  I mean who doesn’t want more money or another source of income.   It’s how people get enticed into joining the Amway business.  The pitch is often to join Amway as a way to earn money or save money.   That makes perfect sense except that in Amway, neither of those scenarios typically happen.  

The pitch I saw was that you save 30% by shopping with Amway.  But you save 30% compared to what?  You pay much more for Amway products than you do for comparable products from Walmart or Target.   That’s when upline will tell you that Amway products are premium.   But is that the truth. Are Amway products premium?  And again, compared to what?   It’s more like Amway products costs are premium but the product itself is generic.  And that’s just one facet of the scheme.  

The next portion is how Amway has no overhead and therefore you have the ability to earn a profit quickly.  But you join and you don’t see profits.  That’s when upline switches the narrative to how a real business doesn’t see profits for up to 5 years and that you must invest in your business as well as educate yourself in order to succeed.  Up front you’re likely to be told that Amway is very simple then later told that you need to invest and learn how to build your business.  

Upline will slowly get you involved and then raise the bar and your commitment level until you wind up in debt spinning your wheels but getting nowhere near the level of success that upline sells the recruits on.  It’s like a sly game of bait and switch that upline plays on down line.  But it happens slowly and cleverly so much so that most people don’t see it happening to them.   IBOs and prospects beware. 

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