Sunday, July 12, 2020

Investing In Your Business?

If you own a conventional business, you more than likely had to make some significant investments into that business by acquiring a property to operate on, purchasing equipment and possibly hiring employees.  But once you open your doors, customers purchase your product or service and hopefully you make more than your expenses, which would be your profits.  Most likely you will not invest in equipment or people who do not help you to further your profit and/or build up your business.

But in Amway, you’re very likely told how you can operate with little to no overhead which gives you a chance to profit quickly.  It makes perfect sense when you say it like that but sooner or later, your upline will advise you to invest in yourself and your business in the form of books, voice mail, meetings and functions, and other self development types of activities.  While some upline may mention it to you, they most likely down play the fact that they (the diamonds) make significant profits from creating this overhead for rank and file IBOS.

It will be called education or an investment into yourself and your business.  But stop and think for a bit.   What is the return on your investment?  In other words, is that book or attending a meeting going to create a profit for your business?   Here’s a good one.  Why should you pay to attend a recruitment meeting if you don’t have any guests to recruit?  Oh, your upline will say it’s to learn and to show support for the diamond but the diamond is supposed to be rolling in dough while your business is likely losing money, directly attributable to the expenses of the tools, meetings and functions.

Real business owners do not incur business expenses unless those expenses result in profits for the business.  Yet your upline will have you believe that you should blindly spend your money on hopes that someday you will make it or that you can fake it till you make it.  Or maybe success is right around the corner so keep going and never quit.  Nice platitudes but in business, sometimes the wise decision is to quit and try something else.  If not your Amway business just becomes a money pit.  You keep feeding it but it only needs more and more investment with little to no return.

Keep a weekly log of incoming profits and losses/ business expenses.  If the expenses consistently exceed the profits, ask yourself honestly.  What will change that will turn things around?  People too often spend years doing the same thing and getting the sane results.  That term about insanity also applies to the Amway business.   😀

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