Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bad Upline Advice?

We have had some really good discussion on this blog recently about how someone can build a business in Amway without abusing downline. I was an IBO in WWDB, and I was given really bad advice from upline. These uplines are still around and apparently still giving some of the same bad advice to downline. Having said that, I believe there are some factions within WWDB who may be operating differently. I contributor on this blog, James C. has explained in some of his comments, how he operates, contrary to the mainstream WWDB teachings. Thus I was inspired to write this post.

My sponsor and uplines were Harimoto, Wolgamott, Duncan. We were taught that Amway saves marriages, and that the rest of the world gets divorced. Ironically, I believe Wolgamott is now seperated and possibly divorced or in the process of getting divorced. Greg Duncan was touted for his financial acumen and told the audience that only stupid people took out loans, even to purchase a home. Then we find out he was in bankruptcy proceedings with interest only loans. This is just a side bar. I will further explain what other advice was given to rank and file IBOs.

My sponsor and uplines told us that we should never miss a meeting. Period. That missing a meeting was setting a bad example for your group. In fact we should always purchase extra tickets to meetings and functions as an incentive to bring guests. We were taught that in addition to standing order, we should be purchasing 5-7 extra tapes/cds each week. Afterall, you can't listen to the same recording each day if you are core. We were told that if you had downlline who quit, you could not cancel a standing order because it was too much trouble to call upline who called upline who finally reached Greg Duncan to cancel a standing order. I found it ironic that they NEVER complained about calling upline who called upline who finally reached Greg Duncan to ADD a standing order. Our group was also told that nobody made a cent of profit from the tools. A lie that nobody has ever been accountable for to this day. If selling products were ever mentioned, it was only so IBOs could earn money to buy more function tickets and/or standing orders.

Our upline also enjoyed holding meeting after meeting, AFTER the functions. Thus IBOs went home after 3:00 in the morning at times, even on nights when the job was waiting for them the next morning. Our upline also taught more tenured IBOs that money wasn't important in the business because we are friends for life. The group was taught that we could have our families skip meals in order to buy more tapes/cds. IBOs were told that they should NEVER quit, unless they give up on life as they would be doomed for financial failure.

This is some of the bad advice I heard from some WWDB leaders. These leaders are still around today and I believe some of this is still taught. What does your upline advise?


Henry Krinkle said...

I've always been wary of Amway. I see you found my blog and my post about the "Amway Lady." Good stuff.

amwayscam said...

Ganesh and Neha Shenoy... another couple supposedly separated in the US from BWW... they will talk as if Neha never existed! All above points were present when I was a core IBO and they ensure you feel proud of not sleeping well enough... "do not bother about the income.. it will come but you keep investing time/money for system... " that is cultism Joe, obey without thinking

eZen said...

Bah, that is why they call IBO because when you in trouble, you are on your own. Darn I wish people can just be honest when they plan this. Btw, I can't find that why Amway change name 3 time? From Amway to Quixtar and then become Amway Global?
I really want to build a chain of downline w/o force them to go to the meeting, or get standing order(Both are really biased to my point of view), base on eat shop and get pay concept XD

amwayscam said...

eZen, do you understand FMCG is not luxury? if it is made more than luxury products in the name of quality and wish people automatically buy them.. i m not even dreaming it to happen to anyone on earth!

Anonymous said...

I was in Greg Duncan's down line. He is a lying sack of shit. When all the questions started about the system money, he said from an FED stage "Duncan Enterprises makes less than 1% of it's income from tapes and books" True, but any intent to deceive is a lie. His company Krone Inc. (german for crown) was the tape and book company and he hinted at his "double eagle" meetings that Krone was more profitable than Duncan Ent. I have been to the "Whitefish Houses" which he told us he paid cash for - ya, borrowed cash. The guy is a slime ball.