Friday, August 24, 2012

WWDB Eagle Program?

Eagle Parameters:

Signed Counsel Sheet to Upline Diamond

300 PV personal use/retail for couples, 200 PV personal use/retail for singles

6-5-3 (PB/SO/MF) - Explained below

6 legs at 100 PV or higher

5 legs on standing order

3 legs attending major functions

Being An Eagle Is Profitable? I think not!

I have listed the parameters for the eagle program above. I will provide an analysis and some comments about the WWDB Eagle program. In my opinion, the Eagle program is basically just a program where upline assures themselves of a certain amount of tools sales. The IBO with the eagle parameters is likely losing a ton of money.

First of all, an Eagle with minimum parameters/legs would be at about 1000 PV. That would equate to about $200 to $300 a month in PV bonus from Amway, with differences based on width, total number of legs moving volume, etc. For this example, I will asume the Eagle receives $300 in PV bonus.

200 PV for singles, 300 PV for couples. That’s $600 to $900 in personal use and retail sales. While IBOs may attempt to sell products, we know that many IBOs sell little or nothing. Even if an IBO manages to sell 50 PV to customers, that IBO would still be spending $450 to $750 a month on personal use, and perhaps earning $100 a month for selling 50 PV.

6 legs at 100 PV or higher. That is approximately $1800 a month in personal consumption and retail for these downlines. Assuming they each qualify at 3%, they would get about $10 in PV bonus each month. The $10 does not factor in business expenses.

5 legs on standing order. Depending on whether an IBO is on the premier club, their cost might be about $60 to $75 a month (or more) for standing order, and may vary if extra cds are purchased.

3 legs attending major functions. Major functions generally cost about $125 per person, per event. And the expenses does not include transportation which may include round trip airfare during peak travel months, rental cars, hotels, etc etc.

Let’s look at a single IBO with eagle parameters. And I will use “best case” scenario. Income might be $400 with the 1000 PV bonus plus the retail profit for selling 50 PV. $400 sounds like a nice tidy sum, especially for a single person. But looking deeper, we see that this person also had to consume $450 worth of goods for him or herself ($450 = approximate cost of 150 PV). Yes, he or she received products, but seriously, how many single people actually spend $450 a month on laundry soap, shampoo and other consumables when simply “changing your shopping habits?

Additionally, an “Eagle” would have to be a leader. More than likely, simply buying standing order is not sufficient. A leader should be consuming more cds as you cannot listen to the same cd every day. Factor in the books, monthly open meetings, average out the cost of major functions, gas money, and other business expenses. I would say it is safe to say that an “Eagle” would easily spend $300 a month (or more) on tools and other business related expenses (Tools = Books, cds, standing order, meetings, functions, voicemail workshops). If this Eagle has to fly to major functions, then that cost may be significantly higher on average.

So let’s summarize. In a “best case” scenario, an Eagle IBO would spend about $750 a month on products and tools. I understand that products are not a business expense, but if a single person is expected to consume/sell twice as much PV, I would say half of that expense is a business expense as it would be unlikely that a single person would ever use 150 or 200 PV worth of goods in a month. So lets use that case and say that an Eagle has $475 in expenses per month ($175 for PV and $300 for tools). The Eagle receives $400 a month in bonuses and retail income (best case scenario) with the IBO selling 50 PV worth of goods (which is not common).

In a best case scenario, an Eagle loses money! And what’s more, all of his or her downline, if they are also using tools, will also lose money! The only ones profiting from the Eagle program is Amway in the form of product sales, and the upline in the form of PV bonuses and the profit from the sale of tools!

Do you still want to be an Eagle?


Anonymous said...

In India 300 PV used to be Rs 20,000 at IBO cost. Eagle parameters are more less same in any 'system'. When I was an IBO you can become an Eagle if you have 10 standing order, 20 people for all functions, six people in 300 PV circle and so on. Eagle only helps you to get into inner circle of your up line and bemore associated to cultism. Funny thing was, when I was leaving Amway, they had changed the parameters and my up line silver had to take oath, commit in a home meeting, for re-qualifying Eagle. You did not read it wrong! He did not have six legs with 300PV and he was silver wearing all big smiles, refer to merchandise of deception (available in my blog if you want) about how do they fake. An ordinary family with four people will not require more than 50PV products on an average, using everything that is reasonable - need not use all the supplements and cosmetics listed in the website - if you are not buying for promotion. Only if you have to buy for the sake of it, my up line even bought all cosmetics each can last for more than a year in five or ten units, just for show off saying 'I can buy products'. Still he was not an eagle. Profitability? God knows, they are good at hiding reality and posing fake. Fake it till you make(?) it!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone manage to use 450$ of products in a month.

Mark Allan said...
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Mark Allan said...
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Joecool said...

LOL, if you got $6000 back in taxes, that means you lost money in Amway. Shrewd businessman you are. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mark Allan,

If your unofficial policy is to run your business at a loss every year so you can be eligible for a tax refund, that is a "hobby business", and the IRS deems it tax fraud. Expect an audit after 3 years of this.


Mark Allan said...
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Joecool said...

Really? Court suits and income disclosures from Amway make it clear that it's easy to lose money in the business.