Monday, August 20, 2012

Chasing An Amway Dream?

One of the things that get people excited about joining Amway is the big talk about dreams. My former LOS, WWDB, still has a big annual function called "dream nite". At dream nite, the diamonds will display a slide show with pictures of mansions, sports cars, jets, jet skis, vacations, golf outings and other fabulous goodies that will get people excited. For many, the prospect of not having to work 9-5 while still having cash roll in is enough to convince them that Amway is the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented.

The problem is that the diamonds are simply filling prospects and IBOs with false hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams that will not materialize except perhaps for a very select few.

While some people may attain some of these goals and trappings of wealth, the vast majority, probably more than 99% of people who come and go through the business, end up in failure and most with a loss of money. Even those who may put forth heroic efforts often find themselves at a loss after several months or several years of effort. I suspect that many diamonds themselves, cannot afford the luxuries they show off. There is evidence of this happening. Several diamonds have had homes foreclosed, a prominent triple diamond was in bakruptcy proceedings. Former diamonds have come forth and explained that their income came mainly from tools and that Amway income wasn't that much. Some diamonds have resigned or quit, which debunks the myth of lifelong residual income. Some diamonds even took their entire groups and left Amway for other MLMs. So much for Amway being the best and providing lifelong residual income.

It is a sad thing indeed, that so many innocent prospects and IBOs have been deceived by shady upline leaders into thinking that in a short time frame, they will be purchasing homes in cashm retiring before the age of 40, and "walking the beaches" for the rest of their lives. In fact, I don't know of any diamonds who have done just that. It appears that crown ambassadors and others are all still working! Why aren't there people going diamond and then "walking away" to live a quiet life of luxury unmatched by any other opportunity?

Maybe it is a big lie or a myth? IBOs are basically dedicating their time and money to chasing an unattainable dream? How many IBOs do you know of that achieved those dreams?


amwayscam said...

Joecool, one important update, we cannot call them 'leaders' without atleast single quotes because the Amway and system definition is different from practical meaning. Cheaters are not leaders please. Nevertheless, I will tell you why some cults remain cults forever? If you only read books and listen to CDs for more than five years, what other skills will you have? You have to do 'Amway thing'! Neither you can achieve anything nor can you stop faking :)

Joecool said...

True, it is sad but the leaders got away with the lies for so long and frankly, I don't know whether much has changed over the years.

Anonymous said...

Surely if one person can become a Diamond or whatever then anyone can
I dont believe every one can and people should realise it but if one can then anyone can

Its like everything in life ; it takes ledership and belief to go out there and do; Most ĂȘople dont have this so they dont make it in Amway or anywhere else; A number do have it and they make it in Amway or would make it elsewhere as well.
Surely its not that hard to find 6 people who want to go and build a business. After all there are 7 billion people on this planet

Thats the way the story shoould be told I believe;

Anonymous said...

of course. it's easy to lie and cheat people and get away with it, and surely if one person can do it then anyone can. that's not how the story is told, but how it actually happens. wise up.

vincent said...

I suppose you can argue the Diamonds get the rewards beause they have already put in the effort and time to get to that level;
Those who just joined have to work to build it to a certain level before the rewards come.This happens in all walks of live; Doctors study 10 years before earning anything . Trademen do apprentiships for small wages at first etc
I am not sure the Daimonds dont work ; I have the feeling they still work hard to keep driving the business.
I think the tools part of this system is not correct; The uplines should provide this service free of charge or at least at cost; Its not correct to have people paying for this particularly when there is little money being made at the mower levels

Anonymous said...

I think the high drop out rate is misleading. There is no selectioon process hence many people realise quickly this is not for them. It would be more efficient and fairer if people were told day one that this requires hard work and a tough mentality to get to diamond. Then the success to failure rates would look different.

Anonymous said...

it requires hard work and a tough mentality just to keep a good job. but the rewards in the form of a paycheck will come soon enough, which is why most people stay at it a long time.