Monday, August 13, 2012

Diamonds Pay For Everything In Cash?

When I was an IBO, I was always taught that diamonds pay cash for everything. That one day, after following the foolproof WWDB system, that I too, would be strolling on the beaches of the world, with cash rolling into my bank account with no worries in the world. We were told that diamonds pay cash for all purchases, even homes and other large ticket items. As evidence, the diamonds would show slideshows of mansions and sports cars, golf club memberships and other lavish items. All paid for in cash we were told. I have reason to believe that WWDB still teaches this except that it is probably a bunch of lies.

First of all, in looking back, the group really had no way of knowing what was paid for or not. We just assumed that diamond paid so much money that everything the diamonds spoke of were true. However, there have been events, some very recent that exposed some of the apparent lies told by these diamonds. There were two (2) diamonds whose home foreclosures became public knowledge and a prominent triple diamond who was involved in bankruptcy proceedings. Now your home cannot be foreclosed if it's paid for in cach right? Technically, nobody would care whether a diamond's home was mortgaged or paid for, but when diamonds parade in front of a crowd bragging about wealth, and then telling the audience that they too will achieve the same success by following the system and upline advice, well that's a bit misleading in my opinion. So many people in the audience are practically crying because they want what the diamonds are flaunting, except that possibly, many of these diamonds don't even have what they are selling.

A average diamond might make about $150,000 (according to Amway) and let's just say another $150,000 from selling support materials. When you factor in taxes and business expenses such as travel to and from functions, what's left over certainly is not going to allow you tp purchase million dollar mansions. Some higher up pins might make a bit more, but still, purchasing mansions and other luxuries in cash is a stretch. It would be my guess that most diamonds indeed have a mortgage on their homes and may even have car payments. That's not a crime but it is unethical to lie about your income in order to recruit new downlines.

For IBOs and other newbies, if your uplines are bragging about paying for homes and other things in cash, ask them to show proof of these claims. I can show you pictures of multi million dollar mansions and sports cars, it doesn't mean that I paid for them in cash. But then again, admitting to having a mortgage or having monthly car payments are quite as attractive or exciting as paying for these things in cash.


Anonymous said...

I was in the "biz" some years ago and I recall the diamonds making these exact claims. That only broke people make loans while diamonds are cash all the way. It was complete BS.

Anonymous said...

I was reading a diamond's blog who has written about proud purchases of some basic Apple products and a hometheatre :) Those items are not worth mentioning these days, even though India is just a developing economy, many ordinary software engineers live a better life better products to use! For me a diamond has to buy at least a MacBook Pro costing Rs 150000, then it is worth mentioning, a guy with a financial freedom talking about a small iPod as his best purchase. I now know how much money he makes!

Jay said...

How is Amway a scam? Amway does nothing more than GIVE you products you can't find in stores. That's the whole point of being an INDEPENDENT business owner. If you buy hundreds of dollars worth of CD's... that's YOUR problem. If you think you can go ANYWHERE in life PERIOD without working hard... that's YOUR problem. If you think you can just stand around with your hands in your pockets and hope you recruit some magical genius guy to do the work FOR you... that's YOUR problem. It's YOUR JOB (not Amway's) to design your own business plan, come up with customer, and run YOUR shit. When Amway was first created, its only real function was to provide you with materials to build with... but people LIKE YOU, who are lazy as shit expect all the work to be done FOR YOU simply by listening to other people.... once again, that's YOUR fault. Not Amway's.

Anonymous said...

lmfao at this amdouche :p