Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Teenage Blogger "Hates" Amway?

It seems that the blogger says Amway but he's referring to IBOs who lie and deceive:
finally i reached back home at 8pm and get myself prepared before check on some news. later on, an ex-housemate phoned me to check about another housemate whether at home or not and he reached in front of my house because he don't believe the another housemate not inside the house. then he just say "can let me in use the toilet" which i believe he still don't believe me that the another housemate did not at home. after that, he started to talk about how my life about and mentioned a "forbidden word" for myself which is AMWAY. next, he just continue to talk about the AMWAY related stuff that actually it is a business instead of direct sales or MLM business.

actually i don't have the interest to listen anymore about the AMWAY because i just feel not comfortable when listening about the names. besides, there was also a few reason of why i hate AMWAY.

1) I hate Amway because i don't like the way they approach people by "trick us" to come to listen their business plan instead of just telling the name of the company when meet up with us. As you can see how my ex-housemate approach another housemate by telling the reason was to "yum cha" (have a drink) since he just coincidence passing by Setapak.

2) I hate Amway because they was so successful and i am loser/jealous. Do you ever see that most of the seminar you joined in the Amway, they will keep show all those luxury things such as BMW, Bungalow houses, Jet flights and others you can buy when you are successful in the Amway road.

3) I hate Amway because they say no need any education also can be successful in terms of being rich. This is because i will start feeling myself seems to make wrong decision to study in college or university since you can start all this as young as 17 years old. (well, i admit i am a loser in terms of afraid being lost to those SPM leaver)

4) I hate Amway because they are Master of Manipulation. It is because no matter you are success or fail, they will have answer for it which is what we call as "死都咬反生" in Cantonese. Do you ever feel like they will mostly target what your interest/hobby/weakness or anything and start to brainstorming you. For example, if you weakness such as you love faith in love, then suddenly a guy say that actually it is because you're poor, that why the girl don't like you which ended up a helpless moment.

Anyways, the things that mentioned above was just purely what i feel and is my opinions which is no right or wrong, true or false. suddenly i just feel myself like promoting them because can write so much about it. who knows one day i join Amway because i haven rich yet right? (come come who want become my 1000 downline call me? joking~) besides, i do check up whether i mentioned the Amway keyword in my blog and found 12 result since 2008 as shown picture below. (Wahlau 4 years so fast gone!)


amwayscam said...

It is so unfortunate that many adults with years of experience do not understand simple things as above. Good post!

Joecool said...

Thanks. Amway is interesting in that even well educated people can get sucked in.

Anonymous said...

maybe there is hope for our young people after all. :)